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Overwatch Pro Player “Sleepy” Investigates Opponent for Aimbot

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The pro Overwatch player Sleepy has chosen to investigate his opponent Shock for the use of cheats/aimbot software, all because of some Twitch stream footage and “lucky” headshots.

Shock was streaming on Twitch while playing a match when it seemed like he died really fast. He claimed it was because of high ping issues.

When they re-checked his previous gameplay on records, it even seemed like he was pre-firing. This can’t have been a ping issue. Only past-firing is possible with ping as we all know.

It seems like the player was using our Overwatch aimbot when his Widowbot characters aim started flitching in a strange way. He was probably not using his FOV correctly.

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“I’m going to have to go ahead and say that I WASN’T EVEN ON HIS SCREEN,” says Sleepy when he watches his recordings. “Either he’s got the best reaction time in the world and he sees that tiny one pixel and shoots, or he’s cheating,” he says without a doubt. Shock has used aimbots.

After further investigation into Shock’s Overwatch past, it seems like he’s had quite a feq lucky headshots in his career. This reminds us of the Forsaken situation just a few days back.

“Maybe it was just the shot of his life, I don’t fucking know. But that’s not even like a shot of your life, ‘cause usually a shot of your life is like an insane flick or some shit, but that wasn’t even an insane flick, it was just like ‘what the fuck is he shooting at?’ I don’t understand, like what made him shoot there?” Sleepy says.

What does the ColossalCheats users think? Was he using our aimbot?


Top 8 Gamers Caught Using Cheats

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This is our list of the top 8 pro gamers getting caught cheating. Everything from aimbots to peeking at opponents screen. Maybe next time they should use our cheat software instead.

  1. Kid X, a top 200 Overwatch player and high-profile streamer on the Korean server was banned for using him aimbot, however this ban didn’t happen privately since kid X was streaming when the ban hammer fell on him. His use of an aimbot wasn’t hidden at all, Blizzard was able to find out almost immediately and managed to shut down kid X’s account midstream. Because this gaming company has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to dealing with cheaters kid X’s ban is permanent.
  2. Darkside was a notorious hacker and terrorized the Guild Wars PvP scene for weeks. His character being dreadfully strong nearly and impossible to kill, having the power of teleportation. The player was reported thousands of times before the head of security for the game took control and seized Darkseid’s avatar, walked him up to the high place where everyone could, see stripped the character naked and made him wave goodbye. They then sent him falling to his death. Followed by a permanent ban, ouch.
  3. In the finals of the MLG 2012 summer Championships, Team Dignitas and curse na shocked the crowd. The team’s met before the game and decided to split the prize money regardless of the outcome and settled on playing the game all random. Mid match where each player picks a random champion and both teams fight early in the middle lane of the map. Of course MLG found out about their fraudulent deal and disqualified both teams.
  4. Fat games, a Call of Duty 4 team decided to try and pull off one of the dumbest cheating attempts of all time. They gave one of their new players who hadn’t been playing long enough to complete the login details of the player. He was replacing one the team. They got caught, amar turned in immediately. both Diablo with a 1 the new kid and the person who gave him the login details were banned for six months and the league deducted major points from fat games at the League of Legends World.
  5. Championships in 2012. Korean team subbu Frost was caught cheating the old-fashioned way peeking at the other team’s screens. Okay, they didn’t actually look at their opponent screens, but they did occasionally peek up at the big screen situated above them which displayed the locations of everyone in the game. Their cheating resulted in a massive scandal and a fine of $30,000.
  6. Similar to the kid X incident, this scandal involves high-profile players using aimbot. Professional CSGO players kqly and SF of Titan and epsilon respectively were caught using aimbot software in late 2014. Both teams fired the cheaters from their rosters and even though kqly used the software for a week outside of competitive context, he was still punished. This debacle led to a bunch of other bans, some justified, some not.
  7. The developers of H1Z1 went on a massive banning spree after reports of thousands of hackers came to their attention. After the bans, many of the cheaters sent messages to the devs asking for forgiveness in hopes that they be allowed to play again. The developers decided to lift their bans, but only on one condition: Anyone that wanted back in had to make a youtube video explaining what they did to deserve the ban in the first place and then apologized publicly for their actions.
  8. A CSGO League player from PSP was banned mid-match during an ESEA livestream and everything was caught on tape as a viewer captured the exact moment when the cheater was booted from the game. Flex was playing as a stand-in for a couple of matches and the team leader as well as the whole team had no idea he was actually using a cheating program. After being caught in the act, Flex was banned and expelled from PSP.

This was our list featuring some sneaky players that thought they could get away with it. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Overwatch ban

Why No CSGO Hack Can Be Undetected From Overwatch Anti-Cheat

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No matter how well coded a private CSGO cheat is, it will never be undetected from the anti-cheat Overwatch. Why? Because Overwatch anti-cheat is simply “pro” players manually watching your (recorded) gameplay to determine if you were using cheats or not. So, to stay undetected you need to learn stealth cheating so you don’t get caught on LAN, by spectators or Overwatch.

If you get VAC banned, then that’s a whole other story.

It seems like a lot of people blame the cheat itself when they get Overwatch banned in CSGO. Well, no, it was because you ran around with FOV 500 and triggerbot activated on your aimbot. Play SMART and stay undetected.

forsaken caught with aimbot during tournament

Pro CS:GO Player “Forsaken” Has Been Caught With Aimbot

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The professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player “Forsaken” recently got caught with aimbot and was disqualified from his team and tournament.

Nikhil “forsaken” Kumawat is a member of clan OpTic and they were in the midst of battling in the live event “eXTREMESLAND Asia”. During the  tournament the game was suddenly paused to do a check on Forsakens computer – And guess what they found? Our ColossalCheats CSGO Hack!


However he was only using the aimbot feature with ESP wallhack disabled for obvious reasons, but this proves how smooth our aimbot is. Even pro players use our aimbots.

Apparently Forsaken has used cheats earlier too back in 2017. There’s a video circulating on the internet that shows him using our private cheat however he was using the wallhack feature that time (by toggling on/off quickly).

OpTic India has released a statement about this on Twitter:

“We stand strongly against any form of cheating as it not only tarnishes the local roster, but potentially harms competitive integrity in the region.”

Internal & External Hacks: What’s The Difference?

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Internal Hacks: Injects a DLL (Dynamic Link Library) in the game.exe process.

  • OpenProcess()
  • CreateRemoteThread(IpStartAdress = @LoadLibrary, IpParameter = “cheatname.dll”)

Most internal hacks comes with both an EXE and DLL file. The EXE is the “injector/loader” that inject the DLL into the game process. Internal hacks are normally easier to detect, but can have a more extensive variation of features.

External Hacks: Runs an EXE side by the game.exe process:

  • OpenProcess()
  • ReadProcessMemory() / WriteProcessMemory()

External hacks are usually just one file, most often an EXE. This file will not inject into the game process, but rather run beside it. External hacks are usually a lot harder to detect for anti-cheats, but they lack in features.

Hope this helps understanding the difference between external and internal hacks. Drop a comment if you have any questions!

less VAC bans in CSGO

Helpful Links for VAC & Steam

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As you guys can see on the VAC bans has dropped in the past 30 days:

The VacNet-update really had a big impact in CS:GO, however it seems like the storm has calmed now. There was a huge surge of bans from January 2018 until september. Let’s see what happens now, will the VAC bans stay this low or will it start going crazy again? Only time will tell.

Want to have a better look over your VAC status and how well our CSGO cheats can bypass Valve Anti-Cheat? Well, we’ve gathered some helpful links for Steam in this blog post.


VacNet meme

The VacNet Update Didn’t Affect Our Cheat

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VacNet hardware infographic

Pretty interesting image if you look closely

Valve recently rolled out an anti-cheat update called “VacNet” which is basically 1,700 CPUs working constantly just to stop wallhacks and aimbots in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. This is believed to have something to do with Valve Anti-Cheats, quite frankly, bad protection. They had to do something. Cheating went a bit overboard there for a while.

VacNet seems to have been somewhat successful with a truckload of banned CSGO accounts and legit users reporting less cheaters in-game after the update.

But what does this mean for the people that have purchased our CSGO hack? To put your mind at ease: Nothing what so ever. Our private CSGO hack is still undetected. We had an update ready within 35 minutes after VacNet rolled out.

With that said, a lot of CSGO cheat sellers got hit hard with the “Vac Wave”, so be careful as some of the hacks out there now are flagged.