ColossalCheats aimbot and wallhack showcase

The Best ARK Survival Evolved Hack

ColossalCheats provides the best Hack for ARK: Survival Evolved. Our hacks provide the deadliest of aimbots you can ever expect from a free online cheat. Our ARK hacks are efficient and yet so simple to implement.

Kill all the other players with an absolute God-like smooth aimbot and superior wallhack ESP. You no longer have to worry about your mouse pointer speed and wonder if changing its speed is going to make any difference in ARK. Download our private ARK cheat now!


ColossalCheats undetected ARK Survival Evolved hacks come packed with features such as ESP, aimbot, wallhack and is fully undetected and secure from BattlEye anti-cheat.

Available for Xbox One, PC and PS4.

ARK Hack Features:

One of the most annoying elements of ARK: Survival Evolved is the fact that the weapon recoil action can come in the way of your aim. It disrupts the position of your crosshair location, hence, bad aim and ultimately missed targets.

Fortunately, with ColossalCheats ARK hacks, you completely eliminate that problem of inaccuracy. We provide a feature that allows you to aim properly even after a gun recoil. You can also eliminate the recoil action itself from No Recoil option.

Most Superior & Spot-On Aimbot

ColossalCheats aimbot hack for ARK is the best thing that can happen to you if you are a dedicated ARK player. With our aimbot, you miss no one on the map. No more missing out on other payers for a small deviation in your weapons crosshair location. With our aimbot, it’s all about Headshots and
dealing maximum damage.

Our aimbot hack is also loaded with customisation. You can customise the speed of the crosshair movement for smooth and precise accuracy. Whether your opponents are running or jumping, our aimbot sticks the crosshair to the maximum damage dealing location. This enables you to kill any player in the game at ease easily.

3D Radar and 2D Radar ESP feature

With ColossalCheats ESP for ARK: Survival Evolved, you can see everything on the map. Well, not everything per se, but anything in the map that is a threat to you. With our 3D radar hacks, you can see all the players location with their nametags, health bars and also their levels.

This allows you to plan your location strategically and also eliminate your opponents before they can even realize what happened. Our 2D radar does the job of letting you identify between enemy units and friendly units, so you don’t shoot your teammates by mistake.

The map becomes more like a transparent paper to you as you can see everyone around the map. We don’t have to tell you how big of an advantage
that can make to your game performance.

Automatic Triggerbot hack

Allow our ARK triggerbot hack to do the job of killing your enemies. You don’t even have to trigger your weapon, you just have to aim properly, and our hack will automatically trigger the weapon when and where it can deal the most damage. You don’t have to worry about shooting your friendlies, our hack identifies between your allies and your enemies.

Our triggerbot hack only shoots at the enemy units when you aim at them. You can only imagine if you add triggerbot hack to the already existing accurate aimbot. This combination will make you a beast in the game enabling you to kill anyone in ARK with ease.


Why Our ARK Cheats are Superior

Our ARK hacks are 100% undetected and works on PS4, Xbox One and PC.


ColossalCheats user friendly and easy-to-use ARK hack menu has an added advantage as you can change the cheat settings while you play and not just in the lobby. The easy to access menu is accessible simultaneously during your matchmaking/game play so you can change your aimbot, wallhack and other settings mid-game.


Our undetected ARK hack has been specially created to avoid being caught by anti-cheats. BattlEye Anti-Cheat will not be able to find anything suspicious in this cheat. The hacks provided here have been tested under various cheat detecting programs. With our private ARK cheats, you are safe from bans and detection.


You’ve probably heard of ARK players using private hacks before, but never figured out where they get them from. Well, most is from us, since our cheats are 100% private between each hack sold – Stay safe with the use of ColossalCheats paid ARK VIP hacks. Because privacy matters.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is ARK: Survival Evolved?

ARK: Survival Evolved is a fairly recent game launched only in 2017 (August). It was originally released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Linux and Xbox One. Due to its popularity, the game was released for Smartphone platform in 2021.

What Anti-Cheats Can It Bypass?

ColossaCheats private ARK hack can bypass BattlEye. If you have any questions regarding this cheat software, feel free to contact us for more info.

How Do I Use It?

The hack settings are quite straight forward. Just edit your hack settings in the menu (while in-game), more info is provided with the cheat after purchase. All our cheats are used the same way.

Can A Friend Use My Cheat?

No! Only one cheat per ARK account/PC. Our ARK hack is integrated with your accounts, because this is the only way to keep our private cheats undetected.

What Operative Systems are Compatible?

We currently only have hacks working for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. You can still use our ARK hack on Apple/Mac, you just need to install Windows on a separate partition.

Do You Have Cheats for Other Games?

Yes we do! Our Apex and Fortnite hacks are the most popular ones on our website.