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There’s a constant race happening between the hackers and game developers. While hackers create new hacks using loopholes in the game, the developers try to fix it as soon as possible.

Furthermore, the developers also add to their security system to detect the hacks and ban players using them.


We strive to win this race by providing some of the latest and best hacks that are untraceable, keeping you safe and worry-free. Furthermore, our hacks are cross-platform; you can use it on pc, ps4, Xbox, and more! The best part is that you can download for free! Be the number one player no matter what you’re playing on!

Win Every Game With Our Undetected DAYZ Hacks

DAYZ initially started as an add-on for the immensely popular ARMA: 2 military simulation game. In 2010, it began testing it’s a standalone game and released the outcome in 2018 for windows. The game was groundbreaking and inspirational for a lot of new battle royal games like PUBG.

The release of a new game brings a lot of fun, both for the players and the hackers. Hacking a game’s security and infiltrating its framework to make tools is nothing less than an addiction. There are thousands of amazingly talented people out there who are practicing this art. At ColossalCheats, we have bought some of the best hacks and mod menus for DAYZ that are a virtually undetected. Go through the full article and become invincible in DAYZ Standalone!

DAYZ Hacks Features:

ColossalCheats is the home of some of the best hacks. Our hacks are not restricted to some games or platforms. There are different hacks for different games and various systems as well. Furthermore, you can easily download for free, no payment, and security hassle.

You can use the ColossalCheats DAYZ Hacks on your Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox, and more. We have everything in store for you, from aimbots to ESPs. Make yourself invincible and rule over the charts with ease.

Furthermore, the hacks are some of the most customizable hacks out there, letting you fine-tune each aspect of the game. This enables you to disguise better and improve some parts of your gameplay rather than all of it.

You can effectively balance skills with an effort to make yourself a formidable opponent and consistently put out a chart-topping performance!

Aimbot with trigger and auto-aim

Headshots are the literal translation of the word ‘satisfaction.’ It’s a different feeling when you bring down people with one shot to their head. But that’s a challenging task; it’s the one characteristic that differentiates the amateurs from the pros. Using our customizable aimbot, you’ll no longer be a newbie. Our ColossalCheats DAYZ Hacks has one of the best and fine-tuned aimbot mechanisms.

You can configure the aimbot to target any part of your enemy’s character, favorably the head. Moreover, the aimbotcan change your field of view, smoothness, and many other aspects. In simple terms, it gives you full control over your character’s aiming capabilities.

Aimbot settings

Usually, normal aimbot internal hacks are always on. This means that it is triggered whenever you shoot. Some might not prefer this as it might cause aim locks and other irrelevancies for the player. ColossalCheats DAYZ Hacks aimbot offers the option to keep it always on or trigger it with button combos.

The aimbot is one of the most feature-rich hacks out there. You can customize it however you want. But at the same time, you need to be careful while using it. If you tune every setting to its max potential, then other players might feel that you’re hacking.

Using an Aimbot might lead to your account getting banned even if the hack didn’t get caught. Therefore hold back and lay low. Don’t crank up each set; instead, fine-tune it so that you can improve your skills. This will make you look like a natural player and will not let other players get any hint.


Wallhack ESP for Ammo, Weapons & Items

ESP is one of the essential hacks for a battle-royal game like DayZ Standalone or Fortnite. It takes a lot of time to find critical equipment and supplies scattered throughout the map. Moreover, everyone has raged over being killed by campers at least once while playing battle royals.

With our ColossalCheats DAYZ Hacks Wallhack ESP, you can know every enemy character’s position on the map. Knowing this means you won’t have to worry about the camper sitting in the corner of a house.

Our ESP is one of the most advanced ones out there. It shows the name and the distance of each player from you. The ESP lets you plan and act accordingly to take down each of them with ease.

ESP System

What’s different about our ColossalCheats DAYZ Hacks ESP system is that it not only works on enemy characters but informs you about loot and other stuff as well. You can find guns, ammo, vests, healings, and all supplies quickly and in no time. Equip yourself with the best gear and win the game!

DAYZ is essentially a battle-royal game based on an open map. But the thing which makes it different is that you have the option to pair up with friends and play the game together as a team. This makes the gameplay more fun, dynamic, and exciting.

By default, the game does not allow you to meet up with friends or communicate with them in-game. With our ColossalCheats DAYZ Hacks ESP, you can find your friends within minutes of spawning.

The ESP shows not only the distance and position of the characters but also their name, health, and other information as well. It is one of the most essential and useful hacks we have in our arsenal!

Compatible with all Game Modes

DAYZ has two game modes in total, which is the Third Person perspective (TPP) and First Person Perspective (FPP). Before starting a battle-royal match, you can choose between the regular or hardcore mode. In hardcore mode, you don’t have the FPP to TPP switch. Our ColossalCheats DAYZ trainer works on all of the methods without any problem and glitches.

Open world battle royal map

This is the primary and most popular mode of DAYZ, the open-world battle royal mode. Here you’ll spawn at random spots with nothing more than a flashlight, and it’s the battery. After that, you need to scavenge the villages for essential supplies like food, guns, drinks, charcoal tablets, etc.

The aspect that makes DAYZ different is that killing zombies within its battle royal mode is a priority, but killing other players is not mandatory. Therefore you can easily team up and make friends within the game, turning the simple gameplay into an interesting one.

Furthermore, our ColossalCheats DAYZ Hacks makes the gameplay fast-paced as well. It won’t take long for you to get geared up, group up, and get ready for battle with our hacks. Make your gameplay fun, unique, and fast with ColossalCheats DAYZ Hacks now, download for free!


How to use the Hack on PS4 and Xbox One Console

Hardware USB Boards for Consoles

Using our ColossalCheats hacks on an Xbox or a PS4 is a straightforward job. All you’ll need is a hardware USB board. There are a lot of hardware boards out there in the market like the Aurdino. These come at cheap prices, around $10. Therefore you won’t need to spend a lot behind them.

The hardware boards are essential, like USB sticks. They have a memory chip on them on which you need to load our hack. After that, it’s a straightforward process of getting the hack into your PS4 or Xbox. A full guide/tutorial will be provided along with the hack after you purchase it.

This deal is a no-brainer. All you need to do is purchase the hardware board, and you’ll be good to go with a wide range of games and hacks on both the Xbox and PS4. Hold the number 1 position, no matter the circumstances.

Why We’re The #1 DAYZ Cheat Provider

We’re holding the number 1 position so that you can keep your #1 position within the game without getting banned. We have some of the best security bypass systems, privacy protection features, and the highest quality cheats.
Let’s break down the reasons why we’re at the top of the game one by one!

Security & Safety

Security is one of the first and foremost concerns for us. Our users and there in the game account must stay safe. Usually, when we develop a cheat, our developers spend a considerable amount of time to keep it as low key as possible.

This lets the cheat stay undetected from the anti-cheat mechanisms employed by the game developers and companies. This gives you enough peace of mind to spend money behind your account without the fear of losing it because of a hack.

Our developers work round the clock to provide you with new and updated cheats and hacks that are more untraceable than its previous generation. This means even if some of our hacks get detected, it’ll be replaced in no time, keeping you safe at all costs.

Our cheats have some of the longest-running tenures in the market. Some of the cheats are standing strong for more than six months. Others are frequently updated and rebased so that it stays underground for as long as possible.

Privacy & Updates

We have the highest standards for user privacy. From payment to the product, everything is conducted so that all of your data and information stays safe and secure. There are a lot of ways in which we fortify the privacy systems.

First of all, all-out cheats run locally on the computer having little to no connection with the servers. This means it does not transmit any data through the internet. Secondly, the cheats are individually restricted to one pc only. This means no one else can install it.

Thirdly, we ensure that the payment happens through official channels, and therefore, all your payment information stays safe. This way, you do not have to worry about any infiltration into your bank accounts.

Lastly, the paid nature of our hacks makes it safe against detection. Free hacks are shared by the users and gain a large user base in a short period, making them vulnerable. Our hacks are paid and restricted to a particular PC. Therefore it stays low-key and remains undetected for a more extended period without issues.


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s DayZ Standalone?

DAYZ is a battle royal format game on a zombie background. Within an open world map filled with plague-infected people, you need to survive the outbreak. There are other players with whom you can cooperate or kill if they threaten you.

DAYZ provides dynamic gameplay because you need weapons and food, water, and other supplies. It will help if you keep a lot of things in mind while playing the game. Using our ColossalCheats DAYZ Hacks, it’ll become straightforward for you to win it.

Are the hacks customizable?

The ColossalCheats DAYZ Hacks are customizable with a lot of settings and options. You can adjust the sensitivity, triggers, and options. Furthermore, the cheats are easy to set up and use. We provide you with the highest amount of flexibility.

Are the hacks cross-platform?

The hacks are explicitly made for different platforms, but they cater to some of the most popular gaming platforms out there, like Windows, PS4, Xbox, and more.

Therefore no matter what you’re playing on, you’ll be able to enjoy our cheats. It is easy to install on each of the platforms and takes no more than one click!

Is it an internal hack or external hacks?

The hacks we provide are internal hacks installed on your computer; we do not infiltrate the game servers directly. This does not make them external hacks and gives you far more safety.

Can I share the hack with my friend?

No, you cannot share your hack with your friend. The purchased hacks only work on one PC; it is intentionally done to protect your privacy and enforce security measures. It also keeps the game servers from detecting and banning the hacks.