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The battle royal mode of the game Arma 3 offers one of the most exciting and fast-paced gaming experiences. Keeping in touch with the royal battle format, you need to loop up, equip yourself, and survive till the end after you spawn.

Owning the lobby of a royal battle game requires a lot of game sense and skill. ColossalCheats brings its ARMA 3 Hacks to make things a bit easier for you! We provide you with the latest, best, and most secure hacks like Aimbots, ESPs, Wallhacks, and more.


Win Every Game With Our Undetected Arma 3 Hacks

Arma 3 is one of the most popular and famous multiplayer games created by Bohemia Interactive. It is a military simulation game where you are have different roles and different missions. Furthermore, it consists of a lot of other mods that offer different styled gameplays. Don’t miss our DayZ hack if you’re an avid Arma 3 gamer.

We will provide you with every detail regarding our hacks, why you’ll want to choose our hacks, and how it’ll help you be #1. Keep reading to know more!

ARMA 3 Hack Features:


ARMA 3 is a battle-royal game, needs fast reflexes, superior aim, and target tracking abilities to bring down the enemy. At times you might lose a lot and get frustrated with the game. Our ColossalCheats ARMA 3 Aimbot helps you enjoy the competition by providing you with a great aim.

Our Aimbot is among the best because it’s customizable and fits according to your needs. Furthermore, it is continuously updated so that the game’s security system cannot detect and ban it. Therefore your account will remain safe with it.
No matter how bad your aim is, the ARMA 3 Aimbot makes sure that your aim stays locked onto the enemy. Furthermore, the Aimbot makes sure that most of your shots are headshots, thereby dealing with vast damage.

The Aimbot internal hacks also come with auto-tracing options. This means that no matter what the enemy is doing, jumping, running, or zigzagging, the aim will lock onto them. In a heated situation, the auto Aimbot will make it effortless for you to win.

Some of the best and most popular features our Aimbot hack provides are as below:

Auto shoot

Your reflexes and reaction times matter a lot when you’re shooting at your enemies. At times it happens that you might point at the enemy with your crosshair, but you don’t press the mouse at the right time to shoot.
This provides your enemy ample time to react and defeat you. Our auto shoot mechanism eliminates that problem by automatically shooting your gun when the crosshair points at an enemy. If you’re carrying a burst fire weapon, it’ll deal massive damage because of the extreme firing rate our auto shoot hack will provide.

No Recoil

Each gun’s mechanism within ARMA 3is different, and thereby each if they have a different recoil pattern. It takes a lot of time to get used to each of them and master them. Furthermore, the DPI of your screen and the sensitivity of your mouse matters as well.

To lose fights just because you don’t have suitable hardware to play on is a huge letdown. The No Recoil feature of our ColossalCheats ARMA 3 Hacks solves this issue by eliminating any recoil from the guns. Now all you need to do is point, shoot, and enjoy.

Other Aimbot Tips

The Aimbot hack can effectively make you a God at this game. It is essentially an undetected cheat that eliminates most of the hassles within the game. Gaining all these abilities, you can get swayed off your feet, and you might want to flex your new skills.

We would recommend you not to do so. The first and foremost rule to abide by when using hacks is that you need to lay low. We work hard in making our hacks untraceable and undetectable by the game’s security system. But this doesn’t stop other players from reporting you.

If a lot of players die unnaturally by your hands, then there are high chances you’re going to come under the radar of the game’s security team. This might cause your account to get banned, and with it, you’ll lose all your money spent on the account.

Our ColossalCheats ARMA 3 Hacks Aimbot is unique and loved by the masses because it helps you make it seem like you’re a legit player and not a hacker. It’s highly customizable and lets you fine-tune almost everything according to your need.

Custom Aimbot Settings

Our ARMA 3 Hacks Aimbot is fully customizable. Tons of features have been added to the Aimbot hack. But it’s normal and acceptable that you might not need some of them. Abiding by your choice, we have provided the option to change whatever you want.

First of all, the Aimbot has customizable settings for all the different features such as aimlock, auto shoot, etc. For example, you can adjust the percentage of headshots or on which part the aim gets locked. This makes the Aimbot act as an incentive to your natural skills, making you seem like an ordinary player.

Secondly, there are custom trigger options. By default, the hacks are turned on and will activate automatically. But you can change it so that it gets activated only when you need it through button combinations. This lets you activate then only in challenging and heated situations.

Lastly, the best thing about the ColossalCheats ARMA 3 Hacks Aimbot is that you can repeatedly use it whenever you need it. You will get all of these within internal hacks that you can download for free! Therefore you don’t have any reason to wait! Head over to our website and download the ColossalCheats ARMA 3 Hacks!


ESP Hack

An ESP is the second most crucial hack that you will need while playing a battle royal style game. As a part of the ARMA 3 game, you will need to find the proper equipment and locate the enemies to kill them.

This sounds easy, but it takes a lot of time off. Most opponents play passively, camping within buildings and other places. More often than not, you’ll be killed by enemies who’ll be sneaking in unexpected places.

You can arm yourself with our best Aimbot hack, but it will be of no use if you cannot see the enemy, and he is not within the firing range. If an enemy sneaks up from behind you and starts firing, he will eventually win no matter what you do.

This can trigger you into a rage, quitting the game, and end up not enjoying it. Our ColossalCheats ARMA 3 Wallhack ESP lets you locate enemies with ease. Therefore you can easily plan out strategies on how to kill them and be the winner.

Wallhack Features

ARMA 3, being a battle-royal game, is not only dependent on guns but also other supplies like healings, tactical equipment, vehicles, and more. This makes the gameplay more exciting and challenging at the same time. Our ESP not only lets you locate people but also supplies as well.

The ESP shows you each gun that has spawned near you and all the other essential supplies you’ll need. This means you can stay safe from enemies and loot up before going on a rampage.

Wallhack strategies

You need to use your Wallhack very carefully and discretely. Doing so will protect your account from being reported. Wallhack gives you the power to shoot through walls, but it is best not to exercise it.

It is best to set a trigger for the Wallhack and use it in specific situations. When you go around corners or when you know someone is standing behind a wall for you to come, you can shoot at the exact moment the enemy will show up. This way, it’ll seem like a fair play.

Difference between Wallhack & ESP

We provide one of the best and most feature-packed ARMA 3 Wallhack ESP. It has many features, giving you access to a lot of important information on your screen. First of all, the main objective of the ESP is to let you know where the enemies are.

When you see the enemies, you can easily create a plan of action to take them down. No matter where they are hiding, you can find them and kill them. But letting you see where the enemies are isn’t the only thing our special ARMA 3 Hacks ESP can do.

The ESP also provides you with information like the opponents’ name, distance, and real-time health. This information helps you attack the enemy when they are weakest, and let’s have a 100% win ratio.

ESP Advantages

The ESP helps you to loot up quickly and engage your enemies faster. Having the best loot provides you with a substantial competitive edge and increases the chances of you winning one v one fights. ESP, along with the Aimbot, makes you near-invincible in the game!

Other Advantages

One of the most critical aspects of the ESP hack is that it is almost undetectable. You can stay out of the security system’s radar because you’ll be playing a natural game. You get the information regarding your enemies’ whereabouts.
Wallhacks, on the other hand, make it pretty evident that you’re cheating.

The reason being it lets you hit enemies who are standing behind a wall. Therefore using all these hacks and wiping the server within an instant will surely get you banned. On the other hand, only using ESP is a safer bet.


Why Choose ColossalCheats ARMA 3 Hacks?

Completely Undetected

It’s not only us who creates cheats and hacks. There are many companies out there who develop cheats, but not all of them are safe. Some developers are lazy and do not protect their hacks from being detected by the security systems.

This makes the hacks vulnerable, and along with it, your account becomes prone to bans. Furthermore, some websites do not update the hacks, so you might not know their flaws. This lack of transparency leads to a lot of chaos.

ColossalCheats makes sure that the hacks stay undetected and are untraceable. Some of the hacks have been like that for over a year. Furthermore, any of the hacks get detected and flagged updated as soon as possible, keeping you safe.

100% Private Cheats

The cheats provided by us can be used by one person in one PC only. Therefore you cannot share the hacks with anyone. This might seem like a downside, but contributes the most at keeping the hacks undetected.

Furthermore, all of your payments and transactions happen through secure channels. Thereby, all of your data is kept safe. You don’t need to worry about any security-related issues when using ColossalCheats ARMA 3 Hacks.

Powerful Features

ColossalCheats provides the most customizable hacks for a lot of games. Therefore this gives you a lot of options for tuning the hacks according to your likes. Our hacks can act as an incentive to your natural skills, making you even better at the game!

At ColossalCheats, we strive to provide you the best and safest gaming experience out there. We let you enjoy the game and hold the number one position there as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do the hacks work?

The hacks are essentially modified game files injected into the proper directory using an “exe” file. All you need to do is install it on your PC, and you’ll be ready to cheat.

Are the hacks cross-platform?

The hacks have different versions that can be used on either on your PC, PS4, or Xbox. Just grab the version you need, install it, and you’ll be ready to go!

Can my friend use these hacks?

Sadly no, you cannot share the hacks with anyone. This is to safeguard the hack from getting detected.

How to use the hacks on PS4 and Xbox?

All you need to do is load the hacks onto a USB Board and plug it into your PS4 or Xbox. The hacks will automatically install and load once you start playing!