Antivirus & Hacks – False Positive Virus Flags

Private cheats (or any cheat for that matter) are known to give false-positive alerts on antiviruses. This can be troubling, since people do indeed pack cheats with malware, especially in free/public ones.

With ColossalCheats, you donโ€™t have to worry about viruses โ€“ Our private cheats are clean, from top to bottom. Just make sure you always get your copy from us.

Many cheats, especially those made for BattlEye, can give you a โ€œvirusโ€ alert โ€“ Even some of our cheats gets false alerts on certain antiviruses like Panda Cloud.

Why is this the case? Private hacks are coded like viruses are, meaning they actually change files and file-information in your (game) directories. Cheats need to inject .dll-files just like many viruses do, and thatโ€™s the reason some hacks can give false-positive alerts on certain antiviruses out there.