ColossalCheats aimbot and wallhack showcase

Superior Energy Assault Cheats offers the Energy Assault hack, a powerful gaming tool that provides players with an unfair advantage in their gameplay.

With features like aimbot and wallhack, the Energy Assault hack enhances the gaming experience by allowing players to easily locate and eliminate enemies, making them almost invincible on the battlefield.


Energy Assault Hack Features:

1. Aimbot

The Energy Assault hack features an advanced aimbot that allows players to enhance their shooting skills and increase their accuracy. With this feature enabled, players can automatically aim and lock onto their opponents, ensuring their shots hit the target every time. The aimbot offers various customization options, allowing users to adjust the aiming speed, target selection, and smoothness to suit their playstyle. Whether you need a slight boost or an incredible aiming assistance, the Energy Assault aimbot has got you covered.

2. Wallhack

The Energy Assault hack also provides a powerful wallhack feature that allows users to see through solid objects and identify their enemies’ location. With this feature enabled, players can gain a significant advantage over their opponents by knowing their positions in real-time, even when they are hiding behind walls, boxes, or other obstructions. The wallhack feature is customizable, allowing players to adjust the transparency level, colors, and distance range to ensure optimal visibility and stealth.

3. ESP (Extra Sensory Perception)

The Energy Assault hack provides an ESP feature that enhances players’ awareness of their surroundings. With ESP enabled, users can view vital information about their enemies, such as their health, distance, weapons, and even their ESP boxes. This allows players to assess the threat level of their opponents and make strategic decisions accordingly. Additionally, the ESP feature can also display the locations of valuable items, such as weapons, ammo, and health kits, providing a significant advantage in looting and surviving in the game.

4. No Recoil

The Energy Assault hack comes with a no recoil feature that eliminates weapon recoil, improving shooting accuracy and control. With this feature activated, players can maintain a consistent aim, making it easier to land precise shots on their targets. By removing the need to compensate for recoil, players can focus more on their strategy and take down opponents quickly and efficiently.

5. Instant Kill

The Energy Assault hack’s instant kill feature allows players to eliminate opponents with a single shot, regardless of the body part hit. This immensely powerful capability ensures that players can dominate their matches, eliminating any enemies in their path swiftly. Whether engaging in close-quarters combat or long-range sniping, the instant kill feature ensures maximum efficiency and an overwhelming advantage.

6. Undetected

ColossalCheats focuses on providing hacks that are undetectable by anti-cheat systems, and the Energy Assault hack is no exception. The developers put in extensive efforts to ensure that the hack remains undetected, allowing players to use it without the fear of being banned. With regular updates and advanced anti-cheat bypass techniques, Energy Assault hack users can enjoy their enhanced gaming experience without worry.

Overall, the Energy Assault hack features a comprehensive range of cheats that provide players with an unstoppable advantage in the game. From enhanced aimbot and wallhack capabilities to ESP, no recoil, instant kill, and undetectable features, Energy Assault hack users can elevate their gameplay and dominate the battlefield.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I trust the Energy Assault hack provided by

Yes, you can absolutely trust the Energy Assault hack provided by We have a team of experienced developers who have spent countless hours ensuring that our hacks are undetectable and safe to use. We prioritize the security and reliability of our cheats, and we regularly update them to keep up with any game patches or anti-cheat measures.

2. Is the Energy Assault hack completely free to use?

Yes, the Energy Assault hack on is completely free to use. We believe that everyone should have access to game hacks, regardless of their budget. However, keep in mind that maintaining our cheats’ quality and security requires constant development and updates. Therefore, donations are greatly appreciated and help us to continue providing free cheats for everyone.

3. Will using the Energy Assault hack result in a ban from the game?

While we do everything we can to make our hacks undetectable, there is always a risk of being banned when using cheats in any online game. We highly recommend using a separate account when trying out hacks to minimize the risk of losing access to your main account. However, many users have been using our cheats for a long time without any issues, as our cheats are designed with anti-cheat measures in mind.

4. How do I download and install the Energy Assault hack?

Downloading and installing the Energy Assault hack from is very straightforward. Simply navigate to our website, find the Energy Assault hack page, and click on the download button. Once the file is downloaded, follow the instructions provided in the readme.txt file included in the download package to install the cheat properly. If you encounter any issues during the installation process, our support team is always ready to assist you.

5. Can I customize settings in the Energy Assault hack?

Yes, the Energy Assault hack provided by offers various customization options to enhance your gameplay experience. The cheat includes features like aimbot, wallhack, and more, which can be adjusted to suit your preferences. Additionally, we regularly update our hacks to introduce new features and settings based on user feedback and game updates.

6. Can I use the Energy Assault hack on any platform?

The Energy Assault hack on is currently available only for the PC platform. It is compatible with Windows operating systems and can be used in both single-player and multiplayer modes of the game. We are constantly exploring possibilities to expand our cheats to other platforms, so stay tuned for any future updates.

7. How often are the Energy Assault hack and cheats updated?

We strive to maintain frequent updates for all our cheats, including the Energy Assault hack. We understand that game developers consistently release updates and implement new anti-cheat measures, which is why we work diligently to keep our cheats up to date. Our development team continuously monitors game updates and ensures that our cheats are promptly updated to remain undetected and fully functional.

8. What should I do if I encounter any issues or have questions about the Energy Assault hack?

If you encounter any issues or have questions regarding the Energy Assault hack provided by, our support team is here to assist you. You can reach out to our support via email or through our website’s contact form. We value your feedback and strive to provide prompt and helpful assistance to all our users.