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Get Unbeatable with Payday 2 Trainers

Are you a vivid Payday 2 player and looking for some great hacks to enhance your game experience? Then you have landed in the right place.

At ColossalCheats, you will find some of the best Payday 2 Hacks that will make your gameplay unbeatable.


As you know, Payday 2 is one of the best action-packed co-op shooter games. Developed by Overkill, it is an addictive multiplayer game where you can play with your team members to fulfill missions like shop robbery, bank robbery, and many more.

Since you are here, we assume you must be looking for tactics to ace your Payday 2 game. However, it isn’t as easy and simple to ace a game such as Payday 2 as it comes down to your co-operation with your teammates. Another problem is that several players use Payday 2 cheats and hacks to eliminate their opponents, and beating them becomes quite a task. Keep reading to find out about ColossalCheats Payday 2 Hacks.

Payday 2 Hack Features:

Prepare for the most secure and advanced Payday 2 Hacks by ColossalCheats, as it has all the features you could need in a battle game. It will help boost your gameplay, ranks, and stats. Our accurate and advanced hack software helps you to track down every hidden opponent or object and get perfect headshots every time. Check out the following Payday 2 Hacks features.


You might be aware that aiming skills are very important in the Payday 2 game. Your death or survival will depend a lot on how good your aim is. However, survival is not sufficient to become a legend. If your aims are not strong enough to get headshots, you will never get to enjoy a victory.

If you are just a beginner or don’t have a steady aim, the Aimbot will help you. After all, why should only the best shooters have all the advantages! A bad aim should not stop you from becoming a top player. And that is why our developers designed these hack tools to make your gaming experience better.

With ColossalCheats Payday 2 Hacks, you will get an Aimbot to make you aim better and more accurate. Regardless of whether the enemy is running, jumping, or even flying, your shot will lock onto them. You will find Aimbot options for Payday 2, such as FOV settings and smoothness.

Employing our Payday 2 Aimbot hack will kill your enemies 100% every time you shoot. It also prevents you from manually chasing or tracing your enemy or target.

Auto Shoot

This setting gives you the choice of taking a headshot or going for other parts of the body for critical damage while you use the Aimbot hack. You can also equip yourself with movement detection to trace your enemies quickly with the Aimbot hacks. You can also customize and edit the Aimbot settings to change between turning the Aimbot features on or off.


You might just be ready to enter the battle armed with the Payday 2 Wallhack for executing killer shots every time. As mentioned earlier, we are very concerned about your game experience. So this is another hack that helps you locate your opponent hidden behind walls, terrain, buildings, and other objects.

While having the Payday 2 Aimbot hack gives you that extra edge, this Wallhack will make you a tough contender. You will be able to make headshots only when your opponent is in your visual range. Sometimes you will encounter stealthy enemies camouflaged with the surroundings or hidden behind objects. This is when the Payday 2 Wallhack comes handy.

The Payday 2 Wallhack gives the ability to locate loots, ammunition, and gears on the way. This can be really helpful during drops. When you drop, there are no fancy types of equipment in your possession to fight your opponents, which makes you vulnerable and easy to attack. 
The Payday 2 Wallhack can help you trace a supply ship that will arm you with some gears and ammunition for your battle. If you want to gear up quickly, the best choice is to drop into a red zone. However, you will have to immediately start the battle. But there is nothing to worry about when you have a Wallhack in your weaponry. 

ESP Cheat

Also known as ESP, a Wallhack enables you to see your enemies behind walls and other solid structures. Another feature is that you will be able to see their name, health status, and which weapons they possess. So you know what you are countering with and equip yourself accordingly.

The most attractive feature about an ESP hack is that you can trace and locate explosives or ammo even if they are not visible. It can give you an upper hand at the game from the beginning. And starting off strong can give you better chances of victory. Also, having a map of the field helps you survive longer and also win the battle. Payday 2 Wallhack in co-existence with the Aimbot can be a deadly combo for having more winning streaks.


We know how important it is for players to be able to customize their hack features. Our Payday 2 Hacks users have access to a broad range of customization options and settings. You can create a variety of configuration profiles that helps you have dominion over your enemies with a very little suspicion.

If you keep eliminating your enemies with the exact same profile, it might appear suspicious to other players. Hence, having many profiles or accounts gives extra security. You can also customize your offsets, aim locks, and crosshair speeds.

You may also put the speed settings according to your comfort and also according to the mouse pointer speed. This customization feature ultimately helps you in taking all the advantages of our 100% accurate Aimbot.

Several layers of security

Due to bad experiences, many people might be skeptical about using cheats and hacks for Payday 2, and the ultimate fear is getting the band from the game. Considering some of the most effective anti-cheats like BattlEye, the anxiousness is totally understandable. Having said that, we assure you that you will get the highest security and undetectable hacks from ColossalCheats for Payday 2.

You don’t need to stress about getting caught and banned from Payday 2, instead just lay back and enjoy eliminating all your opponents one by one. We have several security layers that ensure you are at minimum risk of detection and banning. As it is every gamers’ wish to destroy their enemies and rank high at the game with ease, we developed a highly secure hack to fulfill that for you.


Bring your A-game with A Payday 2 Trainer

Payday 2 is a game that keeps gaining popularity, even though it’s been over six years after its release. First, appearing for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, and later on, becoming compatible with PS4 and Xbox One, Overkill managed to make this game highly versatile. If you are a Payday 2 player, you might want to take a look at some useful cheats at ColossalCheats to up your gameplay.

While availing your Payday 2 Hacks from ColossalCheats, you don’t have to fret about false promises and not meeting expectations as we assure that you will get what you expected. With our powerful Wallhack and Aimbot features, you will most certainly be a legend at the Payday 2 game and effortlessly wipe out your enemies.
There may be several internal hacks and external hack for Payday 2 out there.

However, if you don’t want to be disappointed, try out our download for free ColossalCheats Payday 2 Hacks. This undetected cheat will definitely help you step up in your game securely.

How to use Payday 2 Hacks on PS4 and Xbox One

You can use these hacks on PS4 and Xbox One using a hardware board like the Aurdino. It works like a USB drive where you can store the hacks on the board. You will need a hardware board to use the Payday 2 Hacks on consoles. It is quite affordable and user-friendly. Complete instructions on how to pack the hacks into the PS4 or Xbox One will be provided after you purchase.

Why ColossalCheats is the Best Payday 2 Trainer Hack provider

At ColossalCheats, we take our hack codes seriously. This means we have secure privacy, an anti-cheat bypass, and all the great features that you are looking for in a premium game hack. Our Payday 2 Hacks can hold out against anything.

Undetected Trainer

Using hacks and cheats available all over the internet will put you at risk of getting banned. Since Payday 2 is a popular game, you will find several hacks online. However, they might not work as there are robust anti-cheats out there that can detect the common trainer hacks. Even if they work, they might run out of date quickly as these games are constantly updated.

Private Cheats

Payday 2 Hacks available at ColossalCheats are safe and100% private. The hacks are regularly updated so that they are in sync with the updates on the games. Moreover, we don’t keep any information on the servers, so you can rely on our Payday 2 Hacks to work every single time.

While downloading our Payday 2 Hacks, you become a premium Payday 2 player. Without any worries about the hack detection by the developers or getting identified by online players, you can seamlessly pave your way to the top of the game. So don’t worry about detection as our Payday 2 aimbot or wallhacks never get banned as they are completely private and secure.

Robust features

Armed with the Aimbot and Wallhack, you can become a tough contender for your enemies as soon as you subscribe to the ColossalCheats servers. Equipped to take bull’s eye headshots every time and an uninterrupted vision to your surroundings, nothing can stop you now from becoming a legendary player.

So here are all our hacks put out on the table for you. You can choose to have the best gaming experience now with Payday 2 Hacks from ColossalCheats. You can subscribe to our servers to quickly get our hacks and reach the top of the game.

Constant updates

At ColossalCheats, we constantly update our Payday 2 trainer cheats so that you get hacks that work every single time without the risk of getting caught. We update our Payday 2 Hacks according to the updates on the game from the developer’s end so that we keep up with any changes in the Payday 2 game. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Payday 2?

Payday 2 is an online FPS video game by Overkill Software. It is one of the most popular games since its release. The game is a follow-up of the Payday: The Heist (2011) and is compatible with various operating systems. The ever-increasing players of this game make it very competitive, making it tougher to get to the top of the ranking order.

How does Payday 2 Hacks work?

The Payday 2 Hacks has two files- one executable (.exe) and a dynamic link library (.dll). The executable files administer the dynamic link library into the game files. It modifies them to give Aimbot and Wallhack.

What operating systems are the trainer hacks compatible with?

We have Payday 2 Hacks for PC with Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, and 10. You can also use them with mobile, PS4, or Xbox One.

Can I control the features settings?

Yes, you can change the settings on the hack menu. You can use Aimbot and Wallhack together, or separately. It depends on your preference and gameplay.

Can I use the trainer on different accounts?

No. there is only one hack per account or device. The Payday 2 Hacks will integrate your hardware ID when you play from your device. So there is no chance of spreading the hacks around free of cost. It is one of the effective ways of keeping out private hacks undetected.