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Download Free Fall Guys Trainer Hack

This new game has taken the gaming community by storm, and what could be better than free Fall Guys flying and speed hacks? We now offer our custom coded and undetected Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout trainer hack for the public.

Download the trainer cheat now and start winning! It will let you fly across the map, or change your speed to cross the finish line in no time.


Become Unstoppable with Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Trainer Hacks

As we can see, Fall Guys, on the surface, appears to be a light-hearted, happy, and fun game. And first-timers will doubt why anyone would want to hack a fairy-tale looking game like Fall Guys. But as mentioned before, the surface is misleading.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is one of the most competitive online games out there today. Everyone in the game is obsessed with winning. They give tremendous effort to beat their opponents and reach the top. And the levels are not the easiest ones. So, in the end, it comes down to either effort or hacks.

Although Fall Guys have several in-game features like climbing, diving, and jumping, there are some extra features you can add. These trainer hacks can tremendously improve your gameplay. For instance, you can add a flying hack that will allow you to fly through the race while your opponents jump and dive on the battlefield.

Battle royale games are one of the toughest game genres, and hacks are crucial if you want to get far off in the games. The same is with Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. In every match of 60 jellybean-like characters, one or the other player will likely be using hacks and cheats. When you play the game with our fly and speed hacks, you will not only get the privilege over your rivals. But you will also be safe and secure all the while.

With the growing popularity of Fall Guys, many players are resorting to hacks and cheat codes to stay ahead of the game. These hacks and cheats usually help the player beat its opponents easily. If you are a determined winner, you should check out our Fall Guys fly hack and speed hack.

We offer high-quality undetected Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout trainer hacks. Our hacks are advanced codes that are very effective in helping you win the match. These codes will not only boost your experience in the game, but it also keeps your identity a secret. Therefore, you can feel safe and secure when you use Fall Guys trainer with ColossalCheats.

Trainer Hack Features

At ColossalCheats, we exclusively offer the best Fall Guys Trainer Hack features – fly hack and speed hack. With these hacks, you have the chance to become unstoppable in the game.

Speed Hack for Fall Guys

Everyone knows that battle royale games are super intense and fierce, no matter what type it is. Hacks generally target areas that can enable an easier win.

Just as the name implies, Fall Guys speed hack boosts the speed of your character significantly. Fall Guys is about reaching the finishing line first. Since it is a racing game, speed is the top priority. Therefore, it should not be a surprise that we included Fall Guys speed hack in our hack list.

How Fall Guys Speed Hack Works

In a normal Fall Guys game, you will be plodding in slime at the starting point along with 59 other players. But when you use our speed hack, you can say goodbye to traffic and sluggishness!

With Fall Guys speed hack, you will get a sudden gust of speed that will send you far ahead from the rest. No one will be able to catch up with you or outrun you. So it is a great way to win without hassles.

The best thing about getting hacks at ColossalCheats is that it is private and undetected. It does not compromise your identity even when you use this speed hack. You also have a low risk of having your account banned because of detected hacking.

Fly Hack for Fall Guys

As light-hearted as the game may seem at first, you will change your views on the game once you start playing. You won’t even be able to keep a count on the several obstacles along the way in Fall Guys tracks. There are pits, moving hurdles, obstructions, and other obstacles to make it challenging.

The only way you can successfully evade these hurdles is by not facing them at all. That is why we have come up with Fall Guys fly hack to help players go airborne for some time while passing over the challenging paths.

How Fall Guys Fly Hack Works

Perhaps the main goal is to reach the finish line first. But the other equally important thing is to avoid and evade obstacles along the way. That is the only way you are ever going to reach the finish line.

Fall Guys has a chaotic display because characters go a-smashing and a-tumbling everywhere because of obstacles. It is very difficult to get past the chaotic setting without extra help. Fall Guys fly hack is an excellent help here.

Fall Guys fly hack is probably self-explanatory. It allows a player to fly in the game. While opponents strive below with courses and hurdles, fly hack allows the player to fly past the disorder below. It also lets the player land safe and triumphant.

So are you up for some unique and exciting battle royale experience with Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout? If you want to keep the gun fires at bay for once while still in the thrill of a battle royale game competition, this game is your target. For a start, Fall Guys is not only engaging, but it is also free to download.

So what are you waiting for? Now that you know where to find quality undetected Fall Guys Ultimate Knockdown hacks for PC, your gameplay could significantly improve with the above hacks. Be the last player standing!


Why Choose ColossalCheats Fall Guys Hack

At ColossalCheats, we only provide the highest quality undetected cheats. Our hacks allow you to go incognito so that your account does not get banned because of hacking.

Many professional gamers trust and use our private hacks. Our game hacks and cheats also work and go undetected on e-Sport leagues. Here are some reasons why ColossalCheats should be a go-to site if you want superior and undetected cheat and hack codes.

Optimum Security

When it comes to game hacks and cheats, security is the most important factor. Once they detect unusual activity in your account, you could get banned from the game. That is why, if at all you use private gaming hacks, security should be on top of your list.

For this reason, we take the security of the players very seriously at ColossalCheats. We have one of the best quality software that provides optimum security and keeps your cheats private. Combine this security with the finest undetected gaming hacks, and you get yourself a solid gaming experience.

Safe and Private

With so many accounts getting banned because of hacking, it is completely normal for any gamer to be wary with gaming cheats. After all, what good will it be if your account gets banned in the end!

Trusted by professional gamers and leagues, we are confident to assert that the cheat codes on ColossalCheats are safe and secure. Our hacks and cheats are 100% private and safe to use. You will remain anonymous and undetected by several anti-cheats.

We also work to keep third party intrusions away from our software. Our privacy is protected with extra layers of security to ensure superior safety.


One of the best things about ColossalCheats is that it features a user-friendly interface. Our private hacks include everything from aimbots, radar hacks, ESP boxes, wall and speed hacks, and more.

Convenience is another thing that plays a crucial role in game hacks. Most of the games on our site feature easy access to the hack settings in mid-game. So, you can conveniently change your settings any time you want in during your gameplay.

Permanent Cheats

Here is another reason why you should use ColossalCheats for Fall Guys hacks. Our cheat codes are relatively affordable and permanent. Just one payment is all you need to do to get the codes for good.

Unlike other hack and cheat websites, we do not do a monthly payment basis. With our lifetime access license, you only pay once and call the cheat codes yours permanently.

Anti-Cheat Bypass

Are you worried about getting detected by anti-cheat software? This anti-cheat bypass offers peace of mind in relation to getting detected and banned. You can play like a pro without having to worry about your privacy getting leaked.

Our hacks and cheat codes are coded so that they can go undetected by several notable anti-cheats. It would be hard to find other private hacking software that can beat ColossalCheats in an anti-cheat bypass. It is no wonder why professional gamers trust our codes.

Some of the anti-cheats that ColossalCheats can bypass include Easy Anti-Cheat, Valve Anti-Cheat, PunkBuster, FaceIt, Overwatch, BattlEye, and more.

Instant Download

While this point may seem lightweight, getting to download the cheats instantly is a great experience. Some cheating and hacking sites take time to provide download access. This wait can be quite frustrating and annoying.

With ColossalCheats, you don’t have to test your patience by waiting for the download access. Just click the download button, you are on your way.

Download Free Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Cheats for PC, PS4, Xbox and Mobile

Are you a fan of battle royale games? If you are, you will probably love this adorable yet intense new game called Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Fall Guys is a unique battle royale game. That is why the game has gained global coverage in a few weeks of its launch.

If you’re an avid gamer, you must have been quite shocked when Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout made its appearance in 2020. This game is one of the major game releases, and for some reason, the game has also attained mainstream popularity so quickly.

With several fun features, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is one of the most thrilling and engaging games. This game as well as our hack is available to play on both PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

Because the game holds an intense competition among online players, many people strive to get to the top using Fall Guys game hacks. Make sure you use our undetected Fall Guys hacks and get better odds at winning than your competitors.

About Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

As one of the newest Battle Royale games, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has hooked players from all over the world. Perhaps it is the fact that Fall Guys differ from the regular shooter games that make it more special and appealing.

The game requires 60 players from all over the world to compete in the battle. It also features extra moves, such as climbing, diving, grabbing, and jumping. These features allow the players to get the best out of opportunities within the game.

In fact, at a glance, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout could make you believe that it is a kid’s game. It has a friendlier and more colorful design and plot than a typical battle royale game.

But don’t let appearances deceive you. While the game features seemingly harmless and adorable jellybean-like characters in a colorful environment, the competition is intense.

This is one reason why the Fall Guys game is becoming increasingly popular in the battle royale genre. So, it makes sense why people would want to use cheats to get on the top. After all, being the last player standing is always a sweet victory.

Why Players Like The Game So Much

Instead of the more intense shooting sprees, Fall Guys is more of a racing game in a 3D battlefield than a shooting game. In this game, the jelly bean characters race with each other through obstacles in the race. The player to reach the finish line first is the winner of the match.

Although the game sounds quite simple and ordinary, the level of competition it holds is extraordinary. The rounds become increasingly challenging, and the competition is worthwhile, making it fascinating yet tough.

There are tons of mini-games within Fall Guys, which is another reason that makes it very exciting. All of these mini-games are different and offer a variety of game types to choose from. Some of them feature racing games while some feature strategy and teamwork games.

Last but not least, everyone loves an online game that is not only exciting but also simple and easy to understand. Fall Guys fits the definition of simple with its simple gameplay mechanics and controls. This simplicity is why players can’t seem to get enough of this colorful indie battle royale game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout?

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a battle royale game by Mediatonic. It is one of the newest, most addictive, colorful, and competitive battle royale games the world has seen.

The game became available on both PS4 and Microsoft Windows recently in August 2020. It is a highly intense and competitive racing game and follows a knockout and wipeout format in chaotic gameplay.

Is there a chance of Fall Guys becoming available on other platforms?

According to developer Mediatonic, Fall Guys is primarily intended for Windows PC and PlayStation 4. But it hopes to make the game available on more diverse platforms in the future. Although there isn’t any official announcement yet, there is a high chance that Fall Guys might become available on mobile, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and even PS5.

How many mini-games are there in Fall Guys?

As of the present scenario, there are 25 random mini-games or rounds within Fall Guys. However, you can expect more rounds and updates shortly. The developer has been adding new things to this already viral game. It might only be a matter of time until new rounds and mini-games arrive.

What anti-cheat software does Fall Guys use?

Because of the increasing hackers in Fall Guys, the game will use the same anti-cheat system that Epic Games Fortnite uses. In a recent announcement, the developer of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout asserted that the game would use Easy Anti-Cheat.

Can a Fall Guys player get banned if he/she is found using hacks?

Yes, there’s a possibility. In all honesty, hacking is a violation of gaming. So, it will usually result in getting your account banned. That is why we strive to maintain your privacy and provide you with undetected cheats that can bypass the major anti-cheat software.

Can a player report someone who is using cheats in Fall Guys?

Yes. Players can report on hackers within the game. This is one reason why it is important to keep your hacks discreet and secret.

Do you provide hacks for other Battle Royale games?

Yes. We also provide other Battle Royale game hacks aside from Fall Guys. You can find undetected cheats for other Battle Royale games, including popular ones such as Fortnite hack and CGSO hack. You can browse through our collection of undetected game hacks and find the ideal game to use the hacks on.