ColossalCheats aimbot and wallhack showcase

Win Every Game With Private BF1 Hacks

Due to Battlefield 1’s huge popularity, there are a large number of online players. This makes it more difficult to rank up. With ColossalCheats BF1 hacks, you can rank up a lot faster with superior and efficient private cheat software.

Our Battlefield 1 hacks has no risk of ban and comes with both aimbot and wallhack ESP, what else do you need? Available for all platforms; PS4, Xbox One and PC.


Enjoy our Battlefield 1 hack with aimbot to get clean headshots and wallhack ESP to see your enemies behind walls. This private cheat is fully undetected and secure from anti-cheats.

Available for Xbox One, PC, Mobile and PS4.

Battlefield 1 Hack Features:

With ColossalCheats aimbot hack for BF1, you don’t have to worry about your inaccurate aim or your opponents moving too fast for you to get a clean headshot. We make sure you don’t miss any of your opponents whether they are stationary or moving around.

Our BF1 hacks also provides an ESP wallhack that enables you to track down all your opponents in the game even behind objects. You can see the position of all other players on the minimap/radar. This is literally like a GPS system that guides you to the location of every enemy on the map.

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Powerful & Accurate Aimbot

If any game requires good aim, it’s Battlefield 1. The primary requirement for a satisfactory gaming experience is “accurate aim.” In short, your weapon’s crosshair is the key. As a normal player, you will most certainly face problems with bad aim accuracy (unless your opponents are standing still).

ColossalCheats BF1 hacks will instantly remove the inaccurate crosshair problem and enable you to destroy other players with constant headshots.

Our Battlefield 1 aimbot allow you to keep your crosshair fixed to the body part of your opponents where it deals maximum damage (usually the head).

With our deadly aimbot, it does not matter which weapon you use, whether it is a Rifle, SMG, pistol or Machine guns. You can use any weapon to their full efficiency with our accurate BF1 aimbot.

All revealing ESP Wallhack

With ColossalCheats ESP wallhacks for Battlefield 1, you can locate each of your opponent’s position even when their hidden behind walls or objects. Our ESP allows you to view your opponent’s nametags and health bars as well. This allows you to track down all the other players and eliminate them at ease.

With health bar ESP enabled, you can plan strategically which players you have to eliminate first without arousing much suspicion. No one can hide from our accurate BF1 ESP hack.

It does not matter if they are hiding or located in any type of terrains, our ESP locates them and guides you to their location, or you can wait for them to come to you. Combining aimbot and ESP hack makes you literally invincible in Battlefield 1.


How to use the hack on PS4 & Xbox One

Use USB sticks or Hardware Boards

In order to make Battlefield 1 hacks work on PS4 or Xbox One, you need to add the cheat files onto either a USB flash drive or a hardware board. This is a very easy thing to do, and most people already have a spare USB laying around. There will be more detailed instructions on how to make it work on console with cheat purchase.

Hardware boards are basically the same thing as a USB flash memory – It stores files. We suggest using a hardware board such as the Audrino, but a USB drive works fine too.

* USB Flash Drives should be formatted into NTFS for our hacks to work on console!

Why We’re Leading in BF1 Cheats

Secure & Undetected

All the accurate and efficient hacks do not matter if you are caught using it. No amount of hacks can compensate for the lack of security. We at ColossalCheats don’t compromise with our security. We understand what it means for you to stay safe while using online private hacks.

This is the reason why our BF1 hack has multiple layers of protection to keep you safe from any anti-cheat consequences (usually bans from the game). What good is hacks if you are banned from playing the game itself, right? With ColossalCheats, you can be assured of our dedication to your security.

100% Private

The reason some BF1 cheats are paid versions, and some are free, is also the difference between getting banned or staying under the radar of anti-cheats. Our private BF1 cheats are completely custom between every build, making sure every cheat has it’s very own signature.

Free hacks are usually shared by thousands of players and gets signature-blacklisted within a few days, leaving you banned. Not only that, there is also the chance to get infected with viruses. Get premium cheats, it’s the only way to go.


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Battlefield 1?

Battlefield 1 is an online first-person shooter game set in the era of the “first world war” (WW1). It is the 15th game in the long list of the Battlefield game franchise. Much like its predecessors, it was released for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

The game has gained huge popularity since its release in 2016 largely due to its World War I theme. It provided players with something that was very old, yet something that was completely new. Since most of the first person shooting game focused on the modern era or even future based themes, Battlefield 1 delivered a new element using WWI theme.

How Does The BF1 Hack Work?

The cheat is built by two files: An executable (.exe) and one dynamic link library (.dll). The executable will inject the dynamic link library-file into the game files and modify them to get aimbot and wallhack.

What Anti-Cheats Can It Bypass?

Our private BF1 cheat can bypass the following anti-cheats: PunkBuster, Fair Fight & BattlEye.

Can I Turn On/Off Features?

Yes. You can use wallhack or aimbot separately, or both together – It’s up to you. Settings can be changed in the hack menu.

Can A Friend Use My Cheat?

No! Only one hack per Battlefield 1 (Origin) account. Our BF1 cheat will have your hardware and Origin ID integrated the first time you play, so there’s no way to spread our cheat around for free. This is the only way to keep our private cheats undetected.

What Operative Systems are Compatible?

We currently have BF1 hacks for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. For consoles we cover both PS4 and Xbox one.

Do You Have Hacks for Other Games?

Yes, our most popular hacks are our Fortnite and Valorant aimbot cheats.