ColossalCheats aimbot and wallhack showcase

Superior Valorant Trainer Cheats

With the growing popularity of VALORANT, there has been a massive availability of both external and internal VALORANT trainer hacks. However, many of these online hack sites fail to deliver their promises.

At ColossalCheats, you don’t have to worry about fake promises and unmatched expectations as we only assure what we can deliver.


With our accurate aimbot and wallhack features, you’re undoubtedly going to up your VALORANT gameplay and wipe off any opponent that comes your way.

Don’t Stop Winning with Undetected VALORANT Trainer Cheats

Are you looking for a serious VALORANT hack that can give you an upper hand against other players while also keeping you undetected from getting banned? ColossalCheats can be your ultimate go-to!

VALORANT is super popular among most gaming enthusiasts, especially among those who are into shooting games! And since you are here, we believe you already love this game and want to ace it.

However, acing VALORANT isn’t that simple as winning the game depends not only on you but on your team. Another thing is that majority of players use different kinds of VALORANT trainer hacks and cheats to wipe out their opponents. And winning against such players becomes quite impossible.

Hence, if you want to be at the top of your game, you’ll need only the best VALORANT trainer hacks that beat all other hacks out there. This is where ColossalCheats come in.

VALORANT Trainer Hack Features:

Get ready for the safest and most advanced VALORANT hacks from ColossalCheats! Our undetected cheat will help you get lag-free headshots, detect every hidden opponent, and play like an overall professional! Have a closer look at our VALORANT hacks’ features and download it for free today.

Advanced Aimbot:

In an intense shooting game like VALORANT, we are well aware of the importance of an Aimbot. It can either make or break your game! In order to survive and come out victorious, you need to have great aiming skills and take down all enemies on your way. And our advanced VALORANT Aimbot helps you do just that.

Along with helping you get headshots every time you shoot, we also prioritize your safety. Hence, using our VALORANT trainer hacks will help you remain undetectable at all times, while also giving you better Aimbot features than what other players are using.

The game offers several options of cross-hairs you can choose from. This feature may make it more challenging for you to get perfect aims! However, you don’t have to worry about that when you use our VALORANT Aimbot. At ColossalCheats, VALORANT Aimbot includes advanced features like Bone Prioritization and Auto-Aim or Auto-Fire.

Other features available with our VALORANT Aimbot include distance checking, movement prediction, instant kill, smooth aiming, visible targets, penetration checking, locking on targets, and lots more.

Hence, even if your targeted enemy is jumping, running, or engaged in other movements, you can easily lock your aim and shoot him/her down with the help of our VALORANT Aimbot.

Aimbot Customization:

We understand that different players have different playstyle and shooting convenience. Thus, a one-size-fits-all approach won’t work for all players. At ColossalCheats, our VALORANT Aimbot allows you to choose from a wide range of customization options.

You can adjust features like aiming, smoothness, controls, FOV settings, etc. to enjoy a more customized VALORANT Aimbot.

Another benefit is that customization and turning on/off aimbot features give you a better chance at remaining undetected. If you constantly take headshots, you’ll most likely get detected. Hence, customizing aimbot settings allows you to appear more like a legit player instead of someone with suspicious skills.


Another cool feature available on our undetected VALORANT trainer hacks is the warnings function. The Warnings hack sends you a message to warn you whenever an opponent aims at you or is nearby.

This way, you can ensure that you stay notified at all times, and no enemy gets you off-guard! This function helps you remain safe throughout the game.


Wallhack ESP

VALORANT hacks are not just about getting perfect shots every time. At ColossalCheats, our developers try their best to enhance your gaming experience in all possible ways. Hence, our VALORANT hacks offer you with other cool features like locating your enemy behind buildings, walls, or other objects. Want to learn more about the wallhack function? Just read on!

Having an effective aimbot definitely gives you an advantage over your opponents. However, a wallhack feature will take your gameplay to the next level. Using our advanced Aimbot to make an excellent headshot is possible once the opponent is at a visible visual range. However, sometimes you may play against stealthy or experienced opponents who can camouflage in the surroundings and get you off guard. This is where VALORANT wallhack comes in!

Our VALORANT wallhack makes all your opponents visible around you and allows you to see them through all obstacles. This way, you can be more aware of your surroundings and not fall into your opponents’ trap.

Difference between Wallhack and ESP:

ESP stands for Extra Sensory Perception and is the same as wallhack. Wallhack or ESP allows you to see the enemies behind different structures and obstacles. Another impressive feature of our wallhack and ESP is that you can even see the target’s name, weapons, and health status. This way, you can better equip yourself with appropriate weapons and kill the opponent instead of getting ambushed.


In every game, there are bound to be things and obstacles that aim at making the game more challenging and realistic. These obstacles and visuals can be really annoying to any player. Hence, you can use our VALORANT Removals feature to eliminate almost anything that adversely affects your gameplay and makes you lose.

Our VALORANT Removals function includes removal hacks for spread, recoil, smoke, sway, fog, and spread. By removing all these annoying features, you automatically get the upper hand against your opponents.

Wallhack Advantages:

The wallhack feature can benefit you the most right after you drop. As soon as you land, you are at your most vulnerable state with no weapons whatsoever.

The wallhack feature can help you find gear and weapons as soon as you land and help you prepare for the battle. If you want to gear up faster than your enemies, your best bet is to drop in a red marked zone. However, the setback of landing in the marked zone is that you immediately get into the battle.

But if you’re using our wallhack function, you won’t have to worry about landing anywhere without weapons. Locating a weapon or safe hideout spot would be as easy as pie!

ESP Advantages:

One of the best advantages of ESP is that you can locate explosives and ammunition even if they are not in visible surroundings. This gives you an upper hand right from the start of the game and helps you to ultimately win it!

Wallhack/ESP is quite impossible to detect unless you go berserk with the trainer hack. When it comes to using an aimbot, you need to make sure not to take consistent headshots as this may make anti-cheats suspicious about your gameplay.
However, that is not the case while using a wallhack. A wallhack is subtler than aimbot. Hence, anti-cheats cannot detect it easily.


Why choose ColossalCheats VALORANT Hack?

100% Private Cheats:

Our VALORANT cheat is completely safe, secure, and private. We do not save any user information. Thus, while using our VALORANT cheat, you not only remain safe from detection but also enjoy 100% privacy.

Our developers make sure to update our VALORANT hacks with the latest versions. Thus, you can conveniently use our hack every time you play without any hassle!

Remain Undetected:

At ColossalCheats, you can use our VALORANT hacks without worrying about getting detected. Our developers have specially created this hack to prevent any detection by various anti-cheats. We have tested all our hacks and cheats under strict cheat detecting systems.

Our hacks can bypass popular anti-cheats such as Easy Anti-Cheat, Overwatch, Valve Anti-CHeta, PunkBuster, BattlEye, FaceIt, and many more.

However, remember, that remaining undetected depends not only on the quality of the hack but also on you. Hence, use the hack effectively and play smart!


Our VALORANT private hack is one of the most advanced and safest hacks out there. You can use our hack to be on top of other players and wipe off all opponents that come between you and victory! And the best part is our VALORANT hack is super easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.

Hence, even if you are a newbie, you can conveniently make use of our cheat software hassle-free!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some of the most asked questions by our customers and visitors. You can go through this section and see if it answers all your questions. If not, you can always reach us directly!

What is Valorant?

Valorant is one of the most popular FPS games around the globe. It is a 5v5 multiplayer game in which one team is the attacker and another defender. Hence, winning the game depends largely on teamwork. Valorant is like a post-postmodern game that combines the elements of League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Overwatch.

The game features the main game mode, “Search and Destroy.” This is quite similar to CS:GO. The aim of the attacking team is to plant and detonate a bomb (spike). On the other hand, the defending team will have to prevent that from happening. Whether the attacking team plants the spike or not, the other squad comes out victorious if a team is wiped out.

Valorant also features a secondary game mode, “Spike Rush.” It is a best of seven rounds mode in which every member from the attacker team gets a spike. Also, in this mode, all the players get the same kind of weapons and abilities with no buy round.

What is ESP in Valorant?

The full form of ESP is Extra Sensory Perception. The ESP feature will make all players and items visible to you at all times. This way, you have a big advantage over your opponents.

Why is Valorant Hack Vital?

One of the main reasons why Valorant Hacks become a vital part of acing the game is because other players are using it. Not all top players are skilled or professionals! Most players make use of some kind of hacks to take headshots upon headshots and wipe off their opponents. You may even find fourteen-year-olds playing better than you and trolling your gameplay in public. Chances are, they’re using Valorant Hacks too!

Thus, in such a scenario, Valorant hacks become important! The best way to up your gameplay and get back at your opponent is by using effective Valorant hacks.

Can A Friend Use My Cheat?

No! You cannot share the Valorant Hacks—only one hack per PC. The first time you play using the cheat, it will have your hardware ID integrated. Hence, you can’t share the cheat. This way, we can prevent anti-cheats from detecting our private cheats and hacks.

Can I Turn On/Off Features?

Yes. You can either use aimbot or wallhack separately or both simultaneously. You have the option to customize the settings the way you want.

What Anti-Cheats Can It Bypass?

At ColossalCheats, our VALORANT hack can bypass anti-cheats such as BattlEye, PunkBuster, Easy Anti-Cheat, etc. If you want more information regarding this, you can contact us anytime!

Will I get banned for using Valorant hacks?

If you constantly take headshots upon headshots and be aware of every single trap your opponent plants for you, any system might find it unusual and detect the hack. Thus, at ColossalCheats, the goal is to ace the game like a legit player.

For this reason, our Valorant hacks allow you to customize the settings and switch between the aimbot and wallhack. This way, you can remain safe at all times, and it is unlikely for any system to detect you or ban you.