Private Cheats - Premium & Undetected

Every hack, cheat and aimbot we offer is coded to give you the best possible features for your MMOFPS game. All private cheats has been coded for ultimate undetection to stay safe from bans. Cheat safely with Colossal – Undetected and superior cheat software!

“Private” Means You’ll Stay Under Anti-Cheats Radar

At ColossalCheats, we ensure that our cheat security is of highest level. Our private cheat software can bypass all anti-cheats available so far – We make sure that our cheats stay undetected. This means you can use our hacks without fear of getting banned.

Getting the banhammer in your favourite game is every gamers worst nightmare. At the end of the day, what good is using cheats if you can’t play the game itself (due to getting banned). We at ColossalCheats ensure that you stay undetected while using our hacks for various games that we feature.

What’s The Difference Between Private and Free Cheats?

Many sites will offer you free hacks. They might even claim that their cheats have not been detected years. These are usually false claims as they are not safe. Only get private hacks from secure sites such as ColossalCheats if you don’t want to get banned, or worse; malware infected.

Get our cheat software license, go out there and enjoy the game completely undetected!

Besides, when you use paid cheats, remember that not everyone can afford it (especially children), so you won’t have careless and irresponsible players who are the main reason why these cheats get detected in the first place.