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Rust is a game for survivors! You know that there are dozens of free Rust hacks and undetected cheats that you can find to enhance your odds of survival. This game has been around for nearly a decade, and hackers have found multiple best ways to win.

Every hack you find online will help you perform better. But, are you looking for the best undetected Rust hacks online? If yes, then ColossalCheats is the best place to be!


Win Every Game With Our Undetected Rust Hacks

Imagine a scenario where you are running around and collecting woods in the game, and boom! The other players kill you. It doesn’t stop there, and they kill you over and over again. You may also notice that there are excellent players who seem to kill you even without you noticing.

Are they that good? Probably NOT! They may just be using our free Rust hacks you can download for free!

You have the chance to completely twist the game to your favor by using our Rust hacks. Our hacks will enable you to see everyone and kill them instantly! You can go for our external hack or even internal hacks and beat all players successfully.

ColossalCheats will allow you to gain more number of items quickly in the game without getting killed. Download for free any of our Rust hacks and access unlimited ability to win every battle you play with your friends or alone.

Rust Hack Features:

At ColossalCheats, we believe in equipping all our players with the best of hacks needed for winning the game. From wallhacks, aimbot, ESP to many others, you can find them here.

You may find yourself in a battle where the opponent is heavily armed, while you may simply make a combat knife. Under such circumstances, knowing the best Rust hacks will give you an edge over your enemies. Let us look at some of the best Rust hacks at ColossalCheats.


Almost every shooting game has aimbots that are of utmost importance in winning the game. If you have aimbots in the Rust game, you can actually increase your performance level and quickly kill others. However, before you own a gun of your own in the game, you have to manage with rocks, knives, or other makeshift weapons. These hacks do not apply to such weapons but only guns.

With the help of a Rust aimbot, you can directly take headshots at your enemies with every fired bullet. There are the least chances of you making a miss, and that is if your opponent takes cover.

But, what if you use a Rust aimbot hack to kill one enemy per shot?

Yes! At ColossalCheats, we give you Rust aimbot hacks that allow you to locate the target, press the designated key, and lock your opponent. Our aimbot will enable you to lock the target wherever and whenever you want. Your target can jump, hop, hide, or lay down, but our bot stays locked at all times. Once you are ready to kill, simply press the fire button, and your enemy is dead in seconds!

You may find certain glitches such as wind heading or elevation between you and your opponent as you play. These circumstances may lower your chances of making headshots. However, you don’t need to stress over such issues when you use our download for free Rust hacks. Here are some highlights of our Rust aimbot hack:

  • We make it easier for you to spot your opponents anywhere in the territory.
  • We allow you to take headshots at your enemies while moving.
  • We keep your aim precise despite any external forces like height, separation, wind, etc.
  • We give you zero missed targets by letting the point follow the enemy at all times.

ESP Hack

Imagine being able to spot your opponents anywhere on the map! With our ESP hack, you can identify other players and gauge distances to your benefit. This hack will definitely give you an upper hand over other players. You get the chance to customize object colors in the game, and you can evaluate any threat within the vicinity.

This feature enables you to easily find animals, other players, or weapons anywhere in the game. Being equipped with this Rust hack is critical in enhancing your performance and winning the battle.

Use the ESP hack by ColossalCheats to spot your targets in the dense forests, see-through walls using various bright colors. Also, you get the option to even change the colors you like.

One of the incredible features about the hack is the player’s box ESP turning red in color when the conditions are not right for firing the enemy. However, once the path is clear, you will see the player’s box ESP turn green automatically, and you can fire. You won’t waste ammo ever again!


Wallhack is one of the best Rust hack out there that will make sure that you are always one step ahead of your enemies. It is an extension of ESP and allows you to detect your opponents hidden behind walls or taking covers. The advantages of using this ColossalCheat hack are:

  • You can maintain a strategic distance from your enemies so that they don’t spot you.
  • You get the opportunity to strategize an assault effectively and hit your opponents exactly where it harms.
  • You can easily spot your opponents or any other items through the walls.
  • There are infiltration alerts that allow you to know if your shots can pass through the wall or anything they are taking cover behind.

Auto-Gather Cheat

Your survival in the game greatly depends on everyday activities and tasks such as gathering wood or other weapons. By using our auto-gather cheat, you can perform all these tasks automatically. This cheat allows you to gather wood automatically when you seem to be running low or when you are in need of weapons. You can even find a cabin to live in if required.

Light Hack

In any shooter game, night time is the most dangerous. It is the time when vision is minimum, and your enemies may take the chance to attack you during that time. Things become worse if you are playing solo, and your enemies are a group of players.

However, with the ColossalCheats light hack, you can experience daytime light mode anytime in the game. It enables you to have a full vision of your surrounding areas, just like during the day. You can stay vigilant and immediately spot any advancing enemy. Also, you have the chance to make clear shot targets with this light hack because you can easily detect any movements by your opponent players.

Speed Hack

In order to survive in the game, you need to run as fast as possible. You can be running from an enemy or running after a target, but whatever the case, speed is crucial. The Rust game comes with certain speed limits that are pre-set. These limits may not be enough in many cases and may not be fast enough to keep you alive.

Therefore, it is important that you use our undetected cheat- the speed hack to increase the chances of your survival. This hack will boost your speed level and is a necessity if you are in the midst of heavily armed players.

Super-Jump Hack

When you are surrounded by enemies and need to run as fast as you can, it can be an added advantage to run quickly over cliffs or deep ledges. If you think that’s a good idea, then use our super-jump hack and enhance your jumping performance. This hack will enable you to increase the distance and height of your jumps; thus, you can simply hop, skip, and jump from your enemies before they strike.

No-Fall Damage Cheat

The worst that could happen in the game is when you get trapped on tall trees or high ledges. Your miscalculation of depth or height in the game can leave you hanging midway. However, our download for free no-fall damage cheat can help you safely jump off high places and softly land on surfaces safely. If you don’t use any hack for such jumps, you may be fatally wounded.

No-Recoil Cheat

Imagine you’re in the middle of a shootout and your weapon recoils! A weapon recoil can delay your shoot, and you could instantly be fired. How about shooting on your enemies blow after blow without any time lag? Yes! Our no-recoil cheat does exactly that! You get the chance to shoot all your targets one after the other with your weapon on full swing.

Other Rust Hacks

At ColossalCheat, we provide a lot more Rust hacks to all our players. We have the proximity-alert hack that alerts you if any of your opponents are closing into you. There is also the resource-hack that shows you all the resources available nearby and many other hacks too!

Using all of these Rust cheats can, of course, increase your chances of winning the game. However, using cheats may also lead to the developer’s anti-hack team banning you from the game altogether if detected.

Therefore, it is better to first do a background check on what hacks or cheats the other players are using safely. The secret lies in getting hold of some of the best cheats and hacks from reputable sources.


Why is ColossalCheats Rust Hacks The Best?

ColossalCheats have a long history of supplying the best, undetectable cheats and hacks for Rust gameplay. We provide our players with ample opportunities to defeat their enemies in every game.

Guaranteed Undetected Cheats

Our Rust hacks and cheats are completely undetectable. Our team of experts regularly update our cheats and hacks so that you don’t come under the radar. All our cheats and hacks are tested using the best cheat detecting programs available.

Private Cheats

Each of our cheats is private to every player. We make sure that the cheat we sell you today is completely different from the previous cheat. Our cheats are in sync with any updates in the game by the developers. There is zero chance of our cheats being detected by the other players or the game developers. We guarantee that our cheats will work every single time.

24×7 Guidance

If, at any point in time, you need help from the experts, our team is available for you anytime. We aim to build a strong bond of mutual tRust with all our players. Contact our professional team anywhere between the game, and we will be there for you!

ColossalCheats has a good track record of satisfying all its customers for many years now. Our range of external hacks and internal hacks are of top-quality in the market.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rust?

Rust is a survival game like DayZ that was developed by Facepunch Studios in 2013. The game revolves around surviving in the woods by gathering stolen materials, weapons, and not getting killed by other players.

Can Rust hacks bypass all Anti-cheats?

Our Rust hacks will bypass anti-cheats like BattleEye, Easy Anti-cheat (EAC), and many others.

Can I use these cheats for both Rust Legacy and Rust Experimental?

Yes! Our cheats can be used for both Rust Legacy and Rust Experimental. This is because both the versions have the same game standards for things like firearms, gameplay, and connections.

Can I Turn On/Off the Hack features?

Yes! It is up to you whether you want to use wallhack and aimbot hacks together or separately. You get the freedom to choose any of the hacks you want at any particular time.

Which Operative Systems are compatible?

Our Rust hacks can work consistently on PS4, Xbox, and PC. It can work on Windows, 7, 8, 10, XP and Vista.

Can a friend use my cheat?

Sadly, no! Only one cheat can be used per player. This is because when you use the cheat, your hardware ID will be integrated with the cheat. Therefore, you can’t pass around the same cheat to other players. This is done to ensure the privacy of every cheat and remain undetectable.