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Download Undetected TF2 Hacks

Team Fortress 2 is another one of Valves offering to the FPS arena. Unlike other games in the genre (like CSGO), TF2 was released over a period of six years. For a game that is constantly getting updated, hacks that actually work for Team Fortress 2 is quite rare. 

But at ColossalCheats, we have outdone ourselves with this hack. We bring a top-notch hack that is untraceable by the latest anti-cheats. Find out the features of this undetected cheat below.


Team Fortress 2 Hack Features:

The Team Fortress 2 hacks are updated and therefore come with a lot of additional features. These include:

Updated Aimbot

Using an aimbot gives you an unprecedented edge over other players in any game. However, in an FPS, an aimbot hack is what can drive you to eliminate your enemies without any problems. 

So what can you do with Team Fortress 2 from our team at ColossalCheats? 

  • Read your opponent’s name as you shoot them with Aim point. Customize the aim spot anytime you want.
  • Get to know what moves your opponents are going to make using Movement Prediction.
  • Assume complete control of your weapons by activating Bullet Drop Prediction and Autoshoot. These are two of the most deadly tactics that you can use in a Team Fortress 2 game as you rain bullets on your enemy with sniper precision.
  • Make priority kills within your target using the Critical Distance. In addition, the Smart Target Selection gives you the option to choose your targets. 
  • Configure the angle of your aim and limit the aimbot aim vectors. Additionally, take control of the maximum distance, the Aim Bones, and the prediction limit. 
  • You also get to toggle between Visible Targets and Auto-Switch Target. 

Additional feature of the Team Fortress 2 Aimbot

  • Triggerbot – An excellent feature of the Triggerbot is that you customize several aspects of your opponents. You can toggle Enemy only and Head only. This means you can have a crystal clear view of the locations and positions of your opponents. In addition, the customizable Hotkey and Delay also gives you an edge in the game. Activating this aimbot means that your weapon will fire automatically if the crosshair lands on your Enemy at any time. So essentially, you can make a kill even without pulling the trigger.
  • No recoil – As you activate this feature, it cancels out the spreading of bullets, the speed of the bullet as well as recoiling. This feature also cancels smoke, fog, and flash, making you a ninja on the battlefield. It comes in particularly deadly when you use sniper rifles. Using the no-recoil feature along with Critical Distance, makes the shots even more lethal. 
  • Warnings – With our TF2 hacks, you will also get multiple warnings during the game. The warnings include proximity warning and aiming at your warnings. You can also use this configuration to keep your targets visible or invisible. 
  • Crosshair – You can configure the structure, the size as well as the color of the crosshair. So, apart from taking out your enemies methodically, you also get to do it in style. It’s the little things like this that make every Team Fortress 2 game an unforgettable experience.

Wallhack ESP

ESPs for wallhacks in First Person Shooter games can make you invincible. With these cheats, you get all the vital information about your opponents. So, in essence, you are in complete control of every player in every game. 

The features of our Team Fortress 2 wallhacks are:

  • Player ESP – View the opponent’s distance, skeleton, health bar, and names. This gives you absolute control over your enemies. You can also view the ranks of the opposing players as well as the aim spot. Using the ESP wallhacks, you can also protect yourself. You can draw a line from your current position to the Enemy and also show Snap Lines.
  • Object ESP – No bomb, rocket, or explosives within the map will escape your sight. You can also view teleporters and show sentry guns. In addition, you can view what weapons and armor your opponents have on them. 
  • Barrel ESP – You call the shots in the game as you have information about the direction your opponent is looking for. 
  • Character ESP – Customize the colors of your team as well as the Enemy. You can also activate visibility and non-visibility. With this hack, you can also increase the size of the player models considerably. Of course, you can also perform visibility checks and view the player’s boxes both in 2D and 3D.
  • 2D radar – Similar to the character ESP, activating the 2D radar shows you all the players on the map. In addition, you can also configure the colors and their positions. Of course, you can also Zoom and Scale the factors. 
  • Lists – One of the unique features of this hack is the option to configure the lists. You have two lists – the friends list and the hit list. Adding players to the friends list keeps them in the safe zone at all times. On the other hand, for someone on the hit list, they get killed. Even if the player is on your team, adding them to the hit list automatically makes them your target. 

Additional features of the Team Fortress 2 cheat

In addition to all the features mentioned above, there are some great features as well. The Auto backstab allows you to stab your enemies when engaged in close combat. This can be a lifesaver as you don’t have to use your weapon to make a kill.
On the other hand, activating the Bunnyhop gives you acceleration way beyond the speed cap in Team Fortress 2. Moreover, changing your direction quickly in mid-air also becomes a breeze. 

Another feature of the TF2 hacks is the ability to active Screenshot Blocker. Use this feature to prevent your opponents from recording the game at any time. Since no one can record what you are doing on screen, you don’t get exposed easily too!


What makes our Team Fortress 2 Hack Superior

Although there are many TF2 hacks out there, many of them are substandard. Some of these download for free hacks don’t even work. So this is where our teams TF2 hacks come in. Apart from its stellar features, these are the reasons why you can’t miss out on this one.


The Team Fortress 2 hacks from us are compatible with all the core game modes. The five core game modes are:

  1. Capture the Flag – Here, the two teams RED and BLU attempt to capture the other team’s flag. At the same time, they have to safeguard their intelligence.
  2. Attack/Defend – In this mode, the game is timed, where the BLU team must take over the RED teams’ control points. The time is extended with every point that is captured. 
  3. King of the Hill – This is also a timed mode where both the teams attempt to get a single point. 
  4. Control Points – Both the teams try to get the control points, which are 3CP and 5CP, respectively. Control Points mode is also timed.
  5. Payload – In this mode, the RED team must prevent a massive bomb in a cart from reaching their base. The cart is in the control of the BLU team, and the mode is also timed. 

In addition, the Team Fortress 2 aimbot from ColossalCheats is also compatible with all the eight alternative modes and special modes. 

Unrivaled security

One of the main reasons why TF2 hacks fail is because they are not secure. This gets a lot of players from getting exposed and detected. But our hacks are different in that your account is totally safe. Our hacks are so robust that they can bypass the latest anti-cheats from any developer. So you can use our hacks with total confidence. 

Our servers also do not store your personal information. So you are safe from all types of internal hacks or even an external hack. 

Constant updates

Since this FPS game was released over many years, most hacks have a hard time keeping up with it. It is almost impossible to find legit Team Fortress 2 hacks that are up to date. Keeping this in mind, our team keeps constantly updating the hacks on our site. As a bonus, the updated hacks are not easily detected by the developers or the players. This is one of the reasons why our TF2 hacks are much sought after by many players. 


If we are totally honest, half the thrill in an FPS game comes from the visual treat. And our hacks gives you all the tools to take customization to the next level. You can increase the size of the players, change the colors, and make the game truly unique. 

Additionally, customize the appearance of your weapons and take out your enemies with effortless class. So apart from being a topping the scoreboards, you become a professional killer to be reckoned with. 

Ease to use

Some Team Fortress 2 hacks come with complicated user interface making them a nightmare to use. However, our hacks for Team Fortress 2 come with an effortless user-interface. The hack is easy to install, and using it as straightforward as well. Using the mouse, customizing is also very easy.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Team Fortress 2?

Team Fortress 2 is a video game developed by Valve that is very similar to VALORANT in terms of looks. Unlike other video games that have separate publishers, it has the same developer. This is a First Person Shooter game with multiplayer gameplay. 

It is a remake of the Team Fortress Classic. The first release date was in October 2007 exclusively for Windows and Xbox 360. However, there are constant upgrades to the game. Subsequently, various versions for Mac, Linux, and PlayStation 3 have been released. The most recent release was in 2013 for Linux.

What systems are compatible with this hack?

Our Team Fortress 2 hacks are compatible with MS Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Linux, and Mac OS X. Since the Team Fortress 2 developers keep coming up with constant upgrades, we are also on our toes. In the future, if the Team Fortress 2 game gets updated for other systems, you can be sure that our hacks will also have the same compatibility. 

How easy is it to use the hack?

If you know how Team Fortress 2 game works, using the hack should be a breeze. The hacks from our team are easy to download and install. In addition, the interface is very user-friendly, and you can operate it with a click of the mouse. Moreover, the settings are also very easy to configure, so even a first-timer can use this hack without any problem at all. 

Can I share the Team Fortress 2 hacks with another player?

A straightforward answer? No. 

There is a security reason behind this. When you download and install the hacks from us, the files integrate with your system. This means the hack becomes uniquely tailored to the configuration of your PC. This also prevents your system from becoming vulnerable to internal hacks and a potential external hack. 

However, when you share the same hack with another player, it does not give him or her the same protection. In addition, you also compromise your system and account’s safety. 

What are the anti-cheats that this Team Fortress 2 hack can bypass?

Our Team Fortress 2 hacks are top of the class so it can effortlessly bypass many anti-cheats. These includes:

  • Valve anti-cheat (VAC)
  • Easy anti-cheat (EAC)
  • BattlEye anti-cheat
  • Punkbuster

Keeping our Team Fortress 2 hacks undetected and your account safe is our top priority. So this is why we are constantly on the mission to give you the best and most effective hacks on the market.

If you have any doubts or queries regarding the efficacy of our Team Fortress 2 hacks, don’t hesitate to contact us!