How Do I Purchase Your Cheats?

Our cheats are purchased with Bitcoin via their respective hack page. If you want to buy our Overwatch hack, go to it’s page and click “purchase”.

If you don’t have a BTC wallet or want to use PayPal, you can purchase BitCoin giftcards! You can buy them here:

After purchase you’ll get a code you provide us, after that you’ll get access to the hack(s)

The Bitcoin prepaid cards are an easy, fast and secure way to buy Bitcoin.

The Cryptovoucher Prepaid Cards are available in various Euro amounts and can be redeemed on the website. The Crypto prepaid cards guarantee a fast, secure transaction with instant transfer of your newly acquired crypto currency to your wallet. Bitcoin exchange rates are updated every 15 seconds.

Why CryptoCurrency?

Because it’s safe, secure and anonymous, which is important for obvious reasons. It’s also known that PayPal is absolutely horrible for sellers, especially when it comes to digital items.

How Does Your Cheats Work?

Every hack is different, because every game is different. Our CSGO hacks is completely different from our Overwatch amibot.

You will get access to more information for your specific hack after purchase.