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Rainbow 6 Siege is one of the best First Person Shooter (FPS) games out there. So it might not come as a surprise that creating clever, undetectable R6S Hacks is popular among gaming enthusiasts.

If you are in search of free Rainbow 6 Siege Hacks that actually work, you have come to the right place! Aimbots and Wallhacks designed and provided in our servers are completely private and unique, and it most definitely operates undetected.


Using the ColossalCheats hacks during battles will be completely undetectable and help you ace your game in Rainbow 6 Siege.

Become Unbeatable with Rainbow 6 Siege Cheats

Due to the popularity of Rainbow 6 Siege, both internal hacks and external hack for the game are widely available. There are many Rainbow 6 Siege hacks online that offer several cheat features. However, many of them fail to provide what they claim to.

Numerous Rainbow 6 Siege Hacks came out and became available for use since the release of the game. So there might be other people using the same Rainbow 6 Siege Hacks in the game, creating a nuisance. 

Competing against those players using the same hacks might be annoying and also render all your knowledge and skills of the game useless. So here are some undetected cheats for Rainbow 6 Siege that make you unbeatable in your game. 

At ColossalCheats, you will get superior Rainbow 6 Siege cheats with ESP, Aimbot, and Wallhack features. You will never have to worry about getting detected and banned from the game, while also making your gameplay stronger. 

R6S Hacks Features:

Rainbow 6 Siege comes in three modes designed to usher the player through the multiplayer levels. The modes have short-range aims and not long or campaign objectives. Each of the tests various skills and aids you in learning fresh techniques that you will need during intense battles. The three Rainbow 6 Siege modes are:

  • Situation Mode: It is a single-player mode that allows you to test and refine your skills and also learn new techniques. 
  • Terrorist Hunt Mode: In this mode, you can check your battle skills in a team against automated game-bots. It helps you to refine your coordination ability as a team player.
  • Multiplayer Mode: This mode has multiple short term goals where players work as teams to abolish their rivals. Here, you can play against online teams and also rank up in the game.

Whether you are playing against live players or game bots, Rainbow 6 Siege Hacks allow you to have that extra edge. You can utilize them to sustain your winning streak or to explore the game more.


Aimbot & Triggerbot

Rainbow 6 Siege is mainly about steady movements and close combat to get nearer to the goal as soon as possible and eliminate the rivals efficiently. This includes magnificent teamwork and rapid movements to ensure that you fulfill the objective. 

Accuracy is vital to reach such goals, and it is possible through Rainbow 6 Siege Aimbot. It makes sure that you achieve enhanced shooting abilities to take your enemies down effectively. You can now take easy shots even if your target is on the move.

This hack aligns your weapon’s sights to the target no matter how much the distance or angle limitations. You simply need to face the direction of the rival and press the trigger. With this hack, you can keep steady aims during quick movements, spot the enemies effortlessly in close combats, get optimal accuracy while shooting, and easily differentiate between hostiles and enemies.

The R6S Aimbot has an auto-fire cheat that triggers your weapon when there is a clear sight of the enemy. It mainly goes for headshots to make sure that the enemy goes down with a single shot and quickly. All you have to do is customize the radius, wait, and rely on the hack to detect enemy elements.

These features help you avoid manually tracing your target every time you need to shoot, which can rather be a nuisance when you are in an intense battle. This aimbot is in class with our Overwatch pixel aimbot in terms of smoothness and stealth.

ESP Hack

Another popular Rainbow 6 Siege Hack is the ESP Hack that is a highly effective cheat to boost your performance. The Rainbow 6 Siege ESP hack will give players crucial details about their enemies, such as ammunition, health, identification, and distance. It means that you can evaluate your opponent’s details and determine whether or not to engage according to his/her capabilities.

The Rainbow 6 Siege ESP Hack can help you to take down the entire opponent’s team effortlessly. It can also enhance your battle skills and techniques. The ESP hack is highly useful and also among the least-detectable cheats available. Hence, you can often use it safely.

The Rainbow 6 Siege ESP cheat can ensure your awareness of the surroundings and also help you strategize and plan according to the movement of the enemies. It comes with some great features like spotting enemies and highlighting them through terrains and difficult surroundings. It also locates planted explosives so that you can keep away from them. You will be able to get the information about your enemy’s weapons so that there is minimal damage taken during the battle. 


The Rainbow 6 Siege Wallhack is an ESP extension that allows you to see your enemies through the walls that aren’t possible normally. It is one of the most popular hacks available, potentially making you “invincible.” You can locate your opponents hidden behind objects and obstacles, putting them in plain sight. This hack is highly beneficial and significantly boosts your performance as well.

You can plan your strategies and enter areas knowing where to shoot with the help of the Rainbow 6 Siege Wallhack. It also offers a check on whether the cover of the enemy is bullet penetrable so that there is minimal risk, and you can eliminate them without facing them.

If you ever compete against a player who is using the Rainbow 6 Siege Wallhack, your only way out is to outrun them. What more, the cheat is pretty hard to detect and can avoid consequences from the Ubisoft’s team.

The best suggestion we can offer is that you need to be strategic about when to use the Wallhack and the best time to combine it with Aimbot. Another tip is to go after the target stealthily behind objects and shoot them when they come in sight.

It is advisable that you take the surroundings and situation into consideration before employing your hacks.

Customization Hacks

We understand how crucial customization is for Aimbot users. Therefore, our Rainbow 6 Siege hack users can have a wide range of customization options. The Rainbow 6 Siege Hacks can provide players with more customization attributes than the usual standards. Most of Rainbow 6 Siege features are uniform for all players to ensure a fair play.

However, the Rainbow 6 Siege Customization Hacks can enhance the player speed beyond the regulated standards, making them track down targets or escape attacks faster. This cheat also offers other Rainbow 6 Siege Hacks like the Radar hack, which gives players broader map coverage.


You can also optimize your performance through the Rainbow 6 Siege Removal Hacks. These hacks enable you to control the game elements such as smoke, lighting, and weather for enhanced visibility and movement. It is an extension of the Rainbow 6 Siege customization hacks. It controls the game’s environment for the player while the enemy remains in the default one.

ou can take advantage of the game environment’s poor visibility and creep on unaware enemies through the Rainbow 6 Siege Removal Hack.


Why should you choose ColossalCheats R6S Hacks?

We are leading in providing cheat functions that securely bypass anti-cheat. ColossalCheats Rainbow 6 Siege Hacks are completely undetected and private, loaded with all the features you will need. 


ColossalCheats Rainbow 6 Siege Hacks is user-friendly. You can enjoy an extra advantage of changing the hack settings anytime according to how to play. This settings menu is accessible during gameplay, so you can switch the Aimbot, Wallhack, or any other settings while playing.


The security of hacks is one of the most important concerns of the user when using Rainbow 6 Siege Hacks. You certainly would not like getting caught using cheats. Our undetected Rainbow 6 Siege Hacks is specially designed to avoid being detected by anti-cheats. ColossalCheats offers the best of Rainbow 6 Siege Hacks with a top security system. 

These hacks underwent a series of cheat detecting apps so you can be sure that they are safe from anti-cheat systems. With ColossalCheats, you are getting the best way to improve your Rainbow 6 Siege gameplay and also assured security.

Private Cheat

Our Rainbow 6 Siege Hacks are entirely private with every build, meaning when you purchase it from us, you’ll get a custom one. This ensures the uniqueness of the hack signature between all the users so that they remain undetected. You will have a higher chance of getting banned if you use free cheats as there will be many others sharing the same hacks. Our Rainbow 6 Siege Hacks are 100% private.

Powerful features

You become a strong contender, equipped with the Aimbot and Wallhack, once you get the download for free Rainbow 6 Siege Hacks. There is no stopping you from becoming a legendary player when you are armed with weapons to take the perfect headshots every time and have a clear vision of your surroundings.

It is our priority that you have an exceptional gaming experience; hence, all our hacks are open for you. Consider subscribing to ColossalCheats to get these hacks and become unstoppable while making your way to the top.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rainbow 6 Siege?

Rainbow 6 Siege is an online strategic shooting game that provides a 1st person or 3rd person position to players. It is an upgrade to the original Rainbow 6 Patriots version focused on multiplayer gaming and short modes. This way, you can team up and face-off with other live players or game-bots.

Can I share my Rainbow 6 Siege Hacks?

No, once you integrate your Rainbow 6 Siege Hacks in your account, you cannot use it on another account/PC. This is to maintain the privacy of the hacks and to keep it undetected.

The Hacks are compatible with which Operating Systems?

You can use our Rainbow 6 Siege Hacks on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. ColossalCheats Rainbow 6 Siege Hacks are also available for iOS, Android, PS4, and Xbox One.

Which anti-cheats can it bypass?

ColossalCheats Rainbow 6 Siege Hacks can bypass BattlEye. You can contact us for more info regarding this.

How do the Rainbow 6 Siege Hacks work?

The Hacks are built by one dynamic link library (.dll) and an executable (.exe) file. The .exe file injects the dynamic link library file to the game files, which modifies to give Wallhack and Aimbot.

How do I use the Rainbow 6 Siege Hacks on PS4 and Xbox One?

Rainbow 6 Siege Hacks are available for PS4 and Xbox One through ColossalCheats. If you want to use the hacks on consoles, you will need a hardware board. The hardware board is a computer chip that works like a USB storage drive that can store the files or hacks. You just have to plug it into the USB plug of the consoles.

This board might only cost around $10, so it is quite inexpensive. You will find all the instructions on how to install the Rainbow 6 Siege Hacks into PS4 or Xbox One, along with the hack during purchase. And most importantly, it is very easy to use.