Why Some Private Cheats Cost More Than Others

By November 14, 2018Cheat Guides

There seem to be a lot of confusion around Fortnite aimbots and Overwatch hacks, why their price are higher than other cheats and why bypassing their anti-cheats is a difficult task.

Pricing Difference

For example when it comes to CS:GO hacks, bypassing anti-cheats is child play compared to Overwatch and Fortnite. This is the main reason they come with a higher price tag, but they also require a lot more work to keep updated and undetected. We price our private cheats based on workload. With that said, our cheats are still around 50% cheaper than other sellers.

How Bypassing Can Work

There are two ways to bypass these games and their anti-cheats.

  1. Use Stay_disable()d and hope that the NT routines work properly with IRQL requirements.
  2. Use Call_enable() and once again, hope that there are no context switches or patch guard blocks.

The issue here is enabling interrupts during hack execution, since a switch might happen. This would reset the CR4 values and re-enable SMEP.

Luckily, we know how to solve this, hence why we have undetected hacks for sale. And no, we wont share it for obvious reasons, so don’t ask.

PS. This is the way you want to go when bypassing EAC, FaceIt, ESEA and other tougher anti-cheats.



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