The VacNet Update Didn’t Affect Our Cheat

By October 20, 2018Cheat News
VacNet meme
VacNet hardware infographic

Pretty interesting image if you look closely

Valve recently rolled out an anti-cheat update called “VacNet” which is basically 1,700 CPUs working constantly just to stop wallhacks and aimbots in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. This is believed to have something to do with Valve Anti-Cheats, quite frankly, bad protection. They had to do something. Cheating went a bit overboard there for a while.

VacNet seems to have been somewhat successful with a truckload of banned CSGO accounts and legit users reporting less cheaters in-game after the update.

But what does this mean for the people that have purchased our CSGO hack? To put your mind at ease: Nothing what so ever. Our private CSGO hack is still undetected. We had an update ready within 35 minutes after VacNet rolled out.

With that said, a lot of CSGO cheat sellers got hit hard with the “Vac Wave”, so be careful as some of the hacks out there now are flagged.



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