Overwatch Player Sleepy Investigates Opponent For Aimbot

The pro Overwatch player Sleepy has chosen to investigate his opponent Shock for the use of cheats/aimbot software, all because of some Twitch stream footage and “lucky” headshots.

Shock was streaming on Twitch while playing a match when it seemed like he died really fast. He claimed it was because of high ping issues.

When they re-checked his previous gameplay on records, it even seemed like he was pre-firing. This can’t have been a ping issue. Only past-firing is possible with ping as we all know.

It seems like the player was using our Overwatch aimbot when his Widowbot characters aim started flitching in a strange way. He was probably not using his FOV correctly.

“I’m going to have to go ahead and say that I WASN’T EVEN ON HIS SCREEN,” says Sleepy when he watches his recordings. “Either he’s got the best reaction time in the world and he sees that tiny one pixel and shoots, or he’s cheating,” he says without a doubt. Shock has used aimbots.

After further investigation into Shock’s Overwatch past, it seems like he’s had quite a feq lucky headshots in his career. This reminds us of the Forsaken situation just a few days back.

“Maybe it was just the shot of his life, I don’t fucking know. But that’s not even like a shot of your life, ‘cause usually a shot of your life is like an insane flick or some shit, but that wasn’t even an insane flick, it was just like ‘what the fuck is he shooting at?’ I don’t understand, like what made him shoot there?” Sleepy says.

What does the ColossalCheats users think? Was he using our aimbot?