Fortnite Season 7: Tips & Tricks

Hey guys, welcome back to another Fortnite guide. For today’s blog post we’re going to be showing you guys a ton of pro tips for Fortnite season 7 to give you some major advantages in-game Without further ado, let’s go ahead and jump right on into it.

#10 – Landing Techniques

Coming in at number ten we have an insane new technique to land way before everyone else. If you guys didn’t know, when diving out of the battle bus you could actually drop onto a zipline and then jump off of it for no fall damage.

This means that any time you’re going to land in an area with zip lines above it, you’ll be able to land way faster than anyone else. We tested this technique at the big sled outside of shifty shafts and when dropping here normally it took fifteen seconds to land on the roof of the house.

We then tested this exact same drop with a zipline method and it only took ten seconds to land on the roof of the house, that means that any time you use this trick you’ll be able to land a solid five seconds faster than anyone else.

#9 – Planes

Coming in at number 9 we have the easiest way to get kills in season 7, aside from using our Fortnite aimbot cheat. Planes have been a crazy addition to Fortnite and they’re incredibly strong in so many ways. .What a lot of people don’t know is that stealing these planes from another player is extremely easy and can give you tons of free kills.

To do this you’ll need to get your own plane, now fly around until you see another player flying as well and boost directly up until you reach the sky limit and then jump out. You’ll now have tons of free time to free dive and redeploy as much as you want. From here you’re going to glide right on to the other players plane this will allow you to shoot them from the wing with almost no counter at all.

This technique allows for some super easy kills and looks really awesome! You can also do the same technique with a grappler launch pad or a rift. There’s one counter to this tip and it’s actually really simple. If someone is trying to glide onto your plane all you have to do is jump out it. kind of sucks to lose your plane but it’s definitely better than getting one pumped with no counter.

#8 – Heal while moving

Coming in at number eight we have all the new ways to heal while moving. Fortnite Season 7 has brought us three new ways to heal while moving and these are incredibly useful in game. The first way to heal while moving is to use zip lines when landing in a plane spawn. You can loot the bunker and then take the zipline to the next area.

While ziplining, feel free to pop some shields to save a few seconds while looting. The next way to heal while moving is by using the new planes. Whenever you’re flying a plane, you can simply switch seats and then heal on the wing. This does leave you vulnerable to fire and is a great way to heal while rotating or while outrunning the storm.

The last way to heal while moving is by using the icy areas. If you land at the old greasy Grove you can slide around the ice lake and heal on the go. This is amazing for early game and saving time while looting.

#7 – One-shot Supply Drops

Coming in at number seven we have using the planes to one-shot supply drops. Now this is one of the best tips in all of season 7 and it’s incredibly overpowered. As you guys know, when boosting in a plane you can destroy all kinds of different builds but what a lot of people don’t know is that you can actually boost right through a Supply Drop. In solos the supply drops have 500 health, duo’s have 750 and have squads they usually have 1250.

Trying to shoot these down takes time, ammo and lets any nearby players know exactly where you are but with the planes you can just simply boost right into them to make them drop immediately. This is a very strong technique that will help you or your squad get looted up super quick. The best way that we found to do this is to have one person jump out as soon as you boost into the drop, this will allow one person to loot the drop while the other person turns around to pick them up again.

#6 – Balloons

Coming in at number six we have the two balloons. One by one with the recent changes to balloons you can do all kinds of amazing stuff. You take no fall damage with only one balloon, you move 30% faster around the map with one balloon and you can even have amazing mobility with balloons in areas like tilted towers.

One of our favorite new uses for them is the two balloon one by one. When using two balloons you can jump six stories high extremely fast! This means that if you jump straight up and build walls around you, you can instantly build a one by one six stories high.

This also allows you to save materials and the middle of the one by one as well balloons are super underrated and we’re really excited to see how pros use them in late-game scrims for retaking the high ground. If you’re someone who generally passes on picking up balloons, mess around with them for a bit on the playground and you’ll see how useful they can really be.

#5 – Zip Line

Coming in at number 5 we have jumping on a zip line to make yourself harder to hit. The zip lines have been an amazing addition to Fortnite but it’s very easy to get lasered or sniped while using them. Instead, if you jump constantly while taking the zipline you become much harder to hit, this does make you a tad bit slower but makes you almost impossible to snipe and way harder to hit with an AR.

Don’t be afraid to shoot back on the zipline as well, this can make the enemy place safer. Take your shots and overall alleviate some of the pressure so next time you’re using a zipline and start getting shot at, remember to jump constantly and fire back. This makes you unpredictable and much safer while using it.

#4 – Emoting on a Plane

Coming in at number 4 we have emoting on a plane to make yourself harder to hit. Now this tip originated when they first added golf carts to Fortnite. You can use emotes like flip, sexy or the worm to give you crazy advantages while riding on the cart. In season 7 this is 100% the same when standing still on the wing of a plane.

You’re actually really easy to hit, if you do emotes like the worm, flip and sexy you become almost impossible to hit. This lays down your character completely on the wing and from below you can barely even see that anyone’s on the plane. This doesn’t only work with those two modes, but they’re definitely the best for this technique. Any emote that has lots of movement or changes your hip box will work just as well.

#3 – Aggressive flying

Coming in at number three we have been overly aggressive while flying planes right now. You don’t get punished at all for using the plane recklessly, that means you can smash directly into players builds and even the ground with little to no consequences. One of the craziest things to do with the plane is just to smash into someone’s build, fight or one by one.

This will usually send a player flying, leading to an elimination from fall damage or at least do 40 damage just from the hit itself. Shooting at players while they’re fighting will fluster them, burn out tons of their materials and give you the advantage if you decide to jump out and fight. Afterwards you’re also incredibly hard to hit while flying, so don’t be afraid to be aggressive. We definitely think that planes need a bit of a rework but this is by far the best way to use them in the current state of the game.

#2 – Cross icy areas fast

Coming in at number two we have an awesome new way to move across the icy areas faster. As you all know, the icy areas mimic what the old freeze traps used to do. With freeze traps you could gain a crazy amount of speed by going down a hill or by going down a ramp, this is no different with the new icy areas except it’s a lot easier to do. Whenever stepping onto the ice, simply build a ramp and then jump at the top of it.

Now rotate your ramp midair and land onto it backwards, this will give you an insane amount of speed and allow you to move across this area much much faster. When crossing the lake normally without this ramp jump, it takes 15 seconds, but when using this ramp jump it only takes nine. This can be really good for rotations early game or when outrunning the storm.

#1 – Tips you’ll need to know

Finally coming in at number one we have a bunch of smaller tips that weren’t big enough to get their own spot. The first is to use the zipline system early game for some low pressure loot routes. A lot of the zipline areas go to four different locations, allowing for some really fast low pressure loop routes.

The zipline right outside of soccer field allows you to get maximum wood, multiple chests and even a plane. The zip points aren’t super popular to land at, so this is a great way to start some of your matches. The next tip we have is that planes negate all fall damage. This tip is super situational but could definitely save you if the opportunity presented itself.

No matter how how you build, if you jump off and land onto a plane while pressing interact it’ll stop you from taking fall damage completely. The next little tip we have is flying your plane high or around the map to make it last longer. When flying your plane up high airs, only do about 25 damage per shot so most the time players won’t waste the time or ammo trying to shoot you down.

This also works the same when flying your plane low and around them. Staying on the outskirts will allow you to travel without your plane. That’s all our Fortnite tips for this time. As always, thank you guys for reading.