How Private Cheats Work – Learn more about cheat our software

Private cheats are coded with anti-cheat bypass in mind, so you can stay safe and calm knowing your game account won’t get banned. Our private cheats are continuously get updated to stay one step ahead from detection.

For more information regarding a specific cheat, go to it’s dedicated hack page.

Preventative Anti-Cheat Measures

Some of the preventive measures we undertake to prevent any future cheat detection are as follows:

Cheat Launcher/Injector

ColossalCheats provides separate cheat launcher (also called injector) that acts as an additional security measure to load our hacks safely in to your game. This also enables you to destroy all the evident “footprints” that you might have left behind while using our hack. Our private cheat injector keeps you safe from all kinds of anti-cheats.

Advanced Cloud server packets

The primary purpose of using a cheat server is to safeguard our cheats source code and inject Dynamic Link Library files via Cloud hosting. The main component of any hacks/cheats is the code that we use to create them.

Once the source codes are exposed they becomes dangerous to use since there are very high chances of getting banned using them since the cheat signature will get blacklisted. Our advanced hack Cloud server completely works against this threat, hence, protecting our cheats/hacks from the anti-cheats.

Custom source code

Every string of code that we use in our cheats/hacks has been modified by our hands to make sure it unique. Nothing is random in our hacks; we use advanced coding to avoid getting detected by anti-cheats. Every code plays their own crucial role in ensuring that our cheats are absolutely safe to be used without any risks.